Monday, December 7, 2009

Music Monday - Jennifer Hudson

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Happenings 12/06

Loni getting ready to go into primary.

Nesi [right] with her friend from primary:)

Today I got up and prepared everything
we needed to get done before 10 am.
Church starts at 1 pm and I wanted us
to be there on time. Made PB&J wheat
sandwiches for the kids with bottled H20
and Turkey Sandwiches for us..since we
have an appointment with Bishop for
our yearly tithing settlement after church
at 5 pm.

Well, we left to church and halfway
there I realize that I left the kids snacks
and sandwiches in the fridge. so much,
for that..hope the kids won't get too
hungry after church while we wait for
our turn.

So 5pm hits and the other family b4
us is done and we get ready to enter
in...I'm not sure how much we've paid
in tithing during the year when Meleki
was working..but bishop handed us
our papers and I looked down at the
numbers and thought wow..didn't
realize that we'd given that much
this year ..but
he said that we did good and asked
us how our fam is far so
good..we're still working on this &
that..but we're slowly moving forward
and trying to work things out.

Bishop ended our interview with a
blessing for our little family and we
thanked him for everything then came
back home. These kids were soo
hungry they ate all the sandwiches,
chips and chocolate chip/cranberry

Friday, December 4, 2009

Trip #2 to Dentist

Nesi excited to see the dentist.

Loni ready to see the dentist again.

Nesi all smiles while taking in the laughing gas.

Loni keeping cool with his laughing gas mask &
a pair of shades from the dentist.

Nesi just couldn't leave this assistant alone..He's
her favorite and is really cool to the kids:)

We got to see the dentist today after
leaving one of the job sites this morning.
These two just love going to the dentist
and enjoy the prizes they get to choose
out of the box.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy Thursday

This morning we had to leave the house at 6am to
get to one the jobs we're installing a circular
driveway at and meet with the inspectors from
the city. It's like a 45 min drive there and so
I got the kids up early so we could drop off
my 1st grader and just have my preschooler
with me.

Meleki getting off to stay @ the jobsite, while we're
off to Barbara's house.

After the meeting we head up to my district
leaders' home for Avon. They'll be walking
me through appointing new Avon Sales Reps.
Since I am now in Leadership. I just found
out that I now have 3 and will be adding a
fourth one to my downline.

I'm pretty nervous but excited to take this
new path with Avon and see where it leads
me:) It's refreshing and something different.

I was even more excited when I was
told that our Divisional Manager was going
to be at this meeting with  Patti ,Barbara
& I.. She's really awesome and  I
learned so much after it was all done from

Patti took the picture, Kymber is our Divisional[middle]
and Barbara is my boss [ far right ] lol..I wasn't quite
ready there..but glad to have met Kymber:)