Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Job Hunting plus Julie & Julia

So this morning I got up and made my dad
breakfast. Kids were still sleeping, so I got
onto 2 blog and watch Julie & Julia on Netflix.
What a movie. I wasn't such a fan of Julia
Child when I was a child. My mom loved
watching her shows. After watching it, I really
want to go out and buy her cookbook. I
heard it's a good movie and now I finally got
to watch it and apply for jobs.

He called this morning and asked how we're
doing. I told him that we're doing good. I have
to admit it's hard on the kids and they're trying
to hang in. Sometimes they just cry and ask if
we could just go back home to dad. I figure
one day when they're grown, they'll understand.

For now, I'm taking everything one day at a
time and hope that I'll be able to land a job soon.
I'm now putting up ads in hopes that I'll land
small jobs installing concrete overlays and acid
stains here in Utah, while looking for a regular

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Updates...

Saturday morning we left early to go see what 
we could for cheap at Smiths with mom. We  
ended up getting GM cereals at $1.99 ea. wyb
10 and instantly receive $3 off plus another $3
in coupons. Then we got the Hunt's 24 oz. bot
tles for $1.98 before coupons. .98c ea. after    
coupons. We found the Lawry coupons at Smi
ths and then headed over to Winco to use them
there to get $1 off any meat or poultry wyb 2 
Lawry Marinades at $1.68 ea. We ended up get
ting 4 packs of chicken legs and thighs at .48c lb
the limit is 2 packs per person. 

Later on that evening we relaxed at the West 
Fest enjoying the fireworks show!

Joe took my two older daughters to
Taylorsville Dayz and West Fest for
my third child, Hinalei's birthday. I
came later with the little ones.

Tia and Lei cheesin it for the camera.

Sunday June 27th, 2010

We had a good day today at church. I left early
after sacrament meeting. We cooked & caught 
up on all kinds of family stories. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm back!!

I'm back!! I finally got back in from Portland with
my computer and was able to finally get it up and
running today. When I got back on Wednesday, I
thought my computer wouldn't start up and thought
that my trip to get it was all in vain.

 The bins that my monitor and cpu were in, arrived
cracked and that worried me when I got home.
I wasn't sure how my cargo was handled by JetBlue
ramp agents and was saddened by this. It seems to
have been thrown from how one of the bins are
cracked on both sides.

Thursday it wouldn't start up and the monitor was
just dead. So I let it rest and tried it again yesterday.
Good thing because it finally started up and every
thing is good to go. So I'll be back to my regular
posts and all. How was your week? I can't wait to
do my rounds and read up on your blogs and how
you're all doing!! I'm heading out to go coupon
shopping at SMITH'S today with my mom and
little sister.  Happy Saturday everyone~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Iki and Seini's Wedding

Iki and Seini Tonga

I'm now able to post up about my little brother's
wedding from two weeks ago. It kept us up for
many days and we're glad that it's over and that
they're now married and moving on:) Congrats
to Iki and Seini...

These are just a couple of pics. from before the
wedding and during.

Iki getting dressed up in his Tongan attire by 
mom and the aunties. 

These are Seini's sisters and family coming with her Tongan 
bedding. Then we exchange by giving them Iki's Tongan bed.

The couple with their mothers. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

This is my first Wednesday to join in on the Welcome
Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by Take It From Me.
Welcome Wednesday is another great way to meet   
new people, learn great things and increase your blog

To become a part of Welcome Wednesday simply
follow these 5 simple steps. 
1. Follow the Welcome Wednesday Host. [Take It
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It only needs to be added once to show up on all 
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Welcome Wednesday !
5. Simply follow back any followers you have gained
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~ Blog Spotlights of the Week ~ 

Janet from Your Green Helper writes: "We help moms save while
going green.Organic and eco-friendly deals, coupons, free samples
and reviewson all natural items; including personal care, cleaning 
solutions, food, food storage, children’s items and pet products.
  As a busy mother of two active elementary school kids and 
stepmom to a college student, I understand the value of both your time
and your budget. Your Green Helper is part of the Helping the Mommas 
network dedicated to helping moms save money."

Tonia from Chic Modern Vintage writes: "About me and CMV
I'm a slight hoarder of clothing, shoes and furniture.
Lover of modern vintage style. I also love "thrifting" 
If your looking for it, I might have it. When I started
out blogging I wanted to focus on my many DIY projects and
then I quickly realized there are already many that are doing
such a fabulous job, and at the same time I love fashion, 
so I am in the process of merging everything fashion, decor, skin+hair,
and more you just to keep in touch to find out. The new 
"format" begins in July!"

Wordless Wednesday

Loni turned 7 last month on the 16th and we 
celebrated with his dad before leaving and here
in Salt Lake City. This picture was taken by my
lil' sister Meliani who bought Loni this birthday 
cake and celebrated at mom & dad's home.