Friday, June 29, 2012

Ami's Mission Call...

Thursday night my phone was still not working (it's been a week or so)
and I haven't been able to keep in touch with the older children in SLC.
I've been thinking every night and day about my eldest son's mission
papers that he's submitted. He posted an update on Facebook about
how frustrated he's been lately with not hearing back from them about
his papers, then my little brother jokingly comments to go back to his
bishop and tell everything that he's keeping behind and forgot to tell
bishop. So I inboxed him and asked him to pray some more for help
from Heavenly Father. Didn't hear back from him, then I noticed on
Thursday he no longer has a facebook page.

I then get inboxed by my eldest daughter Tia that he got his papers
for his mission in the mail and won't open it until that evening when
my parents get off of work. Nobody contacts me yet about where he
is getting called to because they were busy getting ready to fly out to
San Francisco to a family reunion for my mom's Taumoepeau family.

Just found out that his mission call will be on August 22nd! 

I really wished that we could've gone to that reunion. I haven't seen
my cousins for over 20 years..yes, long overdue. My children need
to see their cousins and know who their family is. But due to bills
and a house to pay for, we just won't be able to go.

I finally get onto fb last night [friday night] and my daughters had
already announced it on their updates that he got called to Fort Worth,
Texas! I cried tears of joy and felt so happy and at peace that he
will finally be able to go.I wished that I was there at that moment
to sit with him while he opened it.

Now that everything is for sure and guaranteed, I've switched into
preparedness mode. My parents are paying for his mission, even
though I asked them not to and that I will make payments on it.
But they've been adamant about paying it off before he leaves. So
I figure the least I could do is to stock up on ties, shirts, suits and
shoes..etc. Time has gone by so fast and I hope that in the future
Ami will be able to convert his father to the gospel. His father has
always disliked the Mormon church and felt that things couldn't work
out between us because he was a strong Methodist and I a Mormon
who wouldn't convert to his church. It's been years since he's seen
his father or heard from him and I told him, Ami maybe you will
be the first to convert him and help him out and he just shook his
head. I pray that Heavenly Father will help heal his broken heart and
give him hope for a better future with his earthly father and I. We
haven't always been there for him and I hope he'll forgive us for
our parental mistakes one day.