Thursday, July 29, 2010

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I've been wanting to bake some sort of bread
pudding that my mom has made since I was a
lil' kid. They called it Puteni in Tongan.

So my friend's dh got in an accident recently &
we wanted to go and pay them a visit and take
them some food. Which is why I wanted to make
it. I've only seen my mom make it, but haven't
tried making it myself, until today. So far,
it went in the kids devoured the first
batch in one sitting (which is pretty good for picky

Batch #1- I used some ovenproof bowl
buttered it then poured in the batter, then
steamed it. This is usually served with a
custard. I just served it with Jell-O instant
Banana pudding!

Batch #2 - used a bundt pan and
steamed it!

 Batch #3

Puteni Recipe

3 cups of sugar (white or brown)
2 cups of raisins
1 tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
1 tablespoon Coconut Extract
3 cans of evaporated milk
8 cups of flour
4 tsp. baking soda
4 tsp. baking powder
1 cup oil
3 cups of water
4 eggs
3 cups of sugar to sweeten

Brown 3 cups of sugar in a pot on med. heat
until dark caramel brown and smooth. Slowly
pour in 3 cups of water. Set aside to cool.
 When cool, combine with eggs, 3 c. sugar,
vanilla & coconut extracts, evaporated milk.
Gather dry ingredients and add to liquid
mixture. Pour batter into buttered pans and
steam until done. I use the toothpick method.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happily posing with the Funky Monkey snacks
that we won on
Thanks, Dena!

Our family is split up this week and last. The 
older girls are in Hawaii for 2 weeks with their
girl cousins. This is their first visit and they're 
having a blast at the swap meet. Thanks, Tezra
and Befi!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trying out Maybelline's New Stylish Smokes....

I've always wanted to try using eyeshadows for 
sometime now, but never got around to applying
it the right way. So the other night I decided I 
was going to try out Maybelline New York's 
New Stylish Smokes #08 in Emerald Smokes, 
while shopping for groceries at Walmart with 
little sis. Siva. She picked out some new lip 
gloss while I was deciding whether or not to 
purchase this item, which I did.

I love emerald green and hope that this color 
will work for me, not against Here's 
a tutorial from "bebexo" that I really like and 
understand. Will post up pictures on how 
that went.


Nesi spending time with her dad on his trip 
down from Portland. They wanted to go to 
the mall and watch movies at the dollar movies
and we watched, Letters to Juliet. 


Let's just say, that it was a great movie and I
would go and watch it again. So far, the kids
had tons of fun with him and tried to get in as
much time with him as possible before he heads
back to PDX.

Nesi hoping to get a free stuffed animal..
Good Luck, we wasted a lot of $$$ and got

Loni trying out some Safari game, then losing 
within a minute of him depositing .50c

Trip to Lowes Builder Workshop for Kids

Nesi trying her hand at the cup and ball toy.

Loni trying to hammer the nails in straight, but
it just wouldn't. After class they were presented
with certificates, a badge and a coupon to enjoy
a free frosty at Wendy's! 

They had so much fun and asked if they could
go back tomorrow. I said, it's on the first Saturday
of the month!

This was from the first class this month. I know,
it's a bit late..but I am slowly getting around to  
getting them How was your Saturday?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Aloha Friday

This week has gone by quick and it's 
Want to join in on the fun? Simply ask
a question in an exchange for an answer
from your readers.

What's your usual method of relaxing
on a Friday night after all the kids are
in bed? 

I usually curl up with a book, try a 
new recipe or try a new nail color!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July & Happy Birthday Lei!

Happy 13th Birthday Hinalei!!

Today we celebrated Lei's birthday at mom and dad's
house. We sang happy birthday then cut the cake and
had lime green sherbet with it..She wanted chocolate 
cake, so baked a marble one for her. 

It was mixed with Lemon Supreme and finished off  
with cream cheese frosting. Hinalei is our July baby  
in the family so it's always a fun, festive event. 

My brother Tom and Emily stopped by with their kids
to drop off a present for her. A bunch of cute tops to 
wear with her jeans. Thanks, Emily! 

Since we're living at my parentals, they asked us not
to do fireworks today because of the Sabbath. Kids
don't understand, but I do. So no one is going to die
from waiting another day.

This was from last night. 

Happy 4th of July and Hope you all have a great day!!