Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seeing Ami off to Hawaii

My two oldest ones pictured above before my son, Ami heads
off to Hawaii to work with my uncle. I'm so proud that Ami 
has chosen to put in his papers to serve his mission this December. 
A couple of weeks ago he received his Melchizedek priesthood 
along with his bestie, Braxton Tuiono and it was a joyous time 
for both our families. 

My dad thought that it would be great for Ami to meet his 
cousins in Hawaii and work with his uncle to save up for his 
mission. Ami was kinda sad to leave, so am I. But, I believe
this will build his character. I told him it won't be that long. 

His little brother told me last night that his big brother must
be homesick and that we should send him back home. I 
agree, but we'll give him two weeks. If he doesn't like it there 
we can always send him back. I miss him already and hope 
he's making wise choices, helping out at the house and cleaning
up after himself. 

Congrats Luti and hubby!

I'm so beat from the last 3 days. My mother, sister-Meliani and I
got together to make a wedding cake for my cousin Lutimila who
got married today to her sweetheart she's been dating for 7 years.

I got off of work at 11:30 pm last night and stayed up all night til'
this morning baking cakes with my mom, Tia and Meliani getting
ready to prep them for Luti's wedding reception yesterday. We
were debating on whether we should do fondant or buttercream.
Looks like buttercream won this round.

We went with apple spice cake with walnuts and pecans, red
velvet cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting.
Meliani's ideas was for the flowers between the tiers, she was
inspired by Ron Ben Israel's cake designs.

Congrats Lutimila and her hubby!!