Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moving Up in AVON!!

Today started out as a pretty bad day
for me..maybe just because I felt like
I was crippled without my car. But, I  
felt like shouting for joy when my upline
called and congratulated me on making 
Certified Unit Leader with 7 ladies under
I thanked Barbara for always helping me
and mentoring me, not only her but our 
district sales manager, Pat..too:) I was in 
Avon a while back but never had mentors 
like these two and am very grateful for 
landing on their team. 

I received my first two bonuses, my first
$30 check for recruits, then another $60
just deposited into my bank account. I   
know it's not much, but it's got me so mo
tivated to help others achieve their dreams
while I go for my dreams as well. 
I'm really excited and shooting to make
President's Club by Campaign 7 - 8. 
Which means talking to more people and
sharing the Avon opportunity. Think I'm 
kidding? I ordered over 400 books for the
next campaign and will pass them all out.
Wish me luck! Want to join Avon? check my 
Email me: or text me
at 503.388.1831!! Here's a Avon Beauty Vid
that I really liked and wanted to post up.

Stuck at Home for Days..


This picture describes what has happened to both
our cars, the only cars in our household. Last week
dh took my car and died out going to drink Kava  
with his buddies. [hmm, I think that was a sign]
So at the time, the problem was  
the battery. Ever since we had purchased it in 06'
we hadn't thought of buying a new battery until it  
just gave up last week. [idiots]

Then funny thing happened, dh's truck had the same
symptoms as well and died out yesterday on his way
up the hill to our house. So we looked up the best & 
most affordable batteries to purchase and stay within
our budget. [which isin't much]and not end up with a

Roger [our family friend] advised me that once we 
receive the new battery and install it to turn on the 
car and let it run, then unhook the left wire attached 
to the battery to see what happens. If the car dies a
fter the wire is removed then, it would be an alternat
or problem. It the wire is removed and the car keeps
running. Then we're good to go. 

We try it and guess what? Yup, you guessed right..
it died out on us..that was on our 97 Ford Expedition.
So next we decide to try it on my husband's truck, 
which is a 95 Dodge Ram..Yes, same thing happened.
Wow..both cars not working and I'm not able to run 
to the store to get any grocery shopping or catch up 
on the Quaker Deal at Albertsons..I'm already having   
Zumba withdrawals..missed 3 classes already & the kids
are crying because the soy milk is finished for their cereal.
What's a mom to do?

We called around to find out how much we'll be spend
ing to get two alternators and let's just say everything all
together is over a grand right now. I'd like to call a cab 
right now.. but we've got to scrape together everything  
we can to get these two cars going.

I found out I had extra Avon books sitting in the back
of my car that hadn't gotten passed out yet and are still
within the backorder time frame. So I went through ab
out 120 books and wrote my contact info. on each of
them, then walked across the street from our apartment
complex and started hanging them door to door. I'm so
glad because I wasn't being good on my diet today and 
needed to walk off the 2 pieces of caramel walnut 
brownies I consumed for lunch and half a single bag of
Ritz crackers..ouch.

Friday, January 29, 2010

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Meeting

We actually had our first heart to heart, honest 
no holds barred family meeting tonight. It came 
about after my husband discovered my texts with
a couple of girlfriends who share the same prob
lem with me regarding their husbands. 

What is it? Well, all our husbands drink Kava.
[a cultural drink/polynesian] I won't go too much
into it, but you can google Kava Ceremonies. So
they usually will leave home at about 6 or 7 pm and 
return back home in the wee hours of the morning
say 4 or 5 am. maybe after 12 noon? 

Just last year, we had several problems where 
some of the Kava drinkers were having affairs 
with the girls serving the Kava drink at the 
ceremony and there were several visits to the 
bishop's offices and so forth. 
Well, the wives are secretly banding together to
do something about it and let our husbands know 
that enough is enough. Most of our hard earned
money is ending up going to the girls/ women
serving this muddy Kava drink, while the wives
are wondering where the paychecks are really 
going. Yes, this is pretty forward. But, I'm real
irritated about this whole thing and going to talk
about it anyway on here.

So he found out that we're writing letters that
to the prophet and voicing how much Kava is 
destroying our families. In Oregon right now 
they don't take away the temple recommends for
the men that drink Kava and that is what the 
letters are for. To plead with the prophet to 
set the rules they have in Tonga & SLC, to be 
the same here also. 
Yes, my dh is angry and shouldn't be after the  
problems we've been going through. But, these
wives need assurance that the right thing needs
to be done here. He's demanded that I not be 
involved in anything. From my point of view, 
I'm not going to say what I will do..mums the 
word here on

My prayers are with my fellow sisters out there
who are struggling with this adversity in their 
families. I know God hears your prayers and 
they will be answered. 
God Bless....MPuanani

Wednesday Happenings

Here are the highlights for our Wednesday activites. 
My new goal for this is year is to post daily on 
our family activities. 

 Received a $25 Kroger gift card from MyBlogSpark to use
on an upcoming post. Stay tuned for that one!! That's
on my to do list for tomorrow morning:)

Got the rest of our AVON orders in and Nesi just couldn't
keep her hands off the Barbie Umbrella..hoi. So I told
her that she could hold it once and have a picture with it.

This is my Avon mess earlier today. Weeding out the old
brochures that didn't get out last month and getting
ready to bag up the orders for my customers. As you
notice, I have to have some music while organizing all
of this mess and then some. My kids couldn't help but
use my Avon boxes to help build their fort along with
my rice from our mini

We had mutual for the youth, choir practice and primary
all that the church tonight. So by the time we got home
the kids were starving and I just ended up nuking them
some chicken wings, baked fries and brownies as soon
as we got home. I know, it's a no no for my diet, but
rest assured I only had 3 of the chicken wings and I
steered clear of the brownies and fries.

Our dinner tonite after mutual and choir practice after
church at 8pm. Hot wings with Sargento Mozzarella
Shredded Cheese on top.It should've been with Salad
but I'll stock up on that in the morning.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music Monday..Three Houses Down

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Catching up on Weekend happenings..

Nesi trying to open her butterfly hamper she asked for.

Opening the orders just in from AVON, want to buy
some? Just ask me, text me or email me. lol.

yes, I made those Samoan Rolls going in [drenched in Sweetened
Coconut milk] for my hubby and his friends. hoi. no worries,
I didn't consume none of

These are the items that were in the bags..they're for a
great deal. $25 for all of it. The blue facial cream is
$40 alone..[great deal!]

Yes, I'm finally sitting down in bed, watching movies
and clipping my coupons/weeding out the expired ones.

Enjoying my healthy bowl of Kashi Cereal as a snack.
with my tall glass of H20...

Gotta love Kashi!!

So that's mostly what I did during the weekend when I'm
not on my workout / blog stuff..Next time I'll have pics. of
us at the gym enjoying Zumba!!

Day 3 Food and Exercise Journal

Watch Lives Change

I forgot that I had a dental appt. this morning
at 9 am. So didn't mean to skip breakfast but
I don't think the dentist would've taken kindly
to any breakfast that would've ended up on him.

Breakfast: 0 

Lunch: 2 bottles of water & a cup of applesauce
it was Mott's Natural - not the sugar kind. 

Snack: 2 cups of boiled carrot slices. 

Dinner: Tomato Soup [Campbells] & 4 crushed
Ritz Crackers on top. 

Didn't make it to 24 hr. fitness for the Zumba 
class with my friends. So I walked on the
Treadmill for 45 minutes after 25 minutes of 
strength training. I will do the video in a little
bit after I figure how 2 use my Nikon Coolpix.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Food Journal/Activity for Fri. Jan. 22nd.

Watch Lives Change

Today is going to be a busy day for me. I was up at 6am
this morning to get my 1st grader to school by 7:45 and
back to walk around the whole complex and pass out my
Avon books about 120 of them. Got in 2 bottles of H20
and an orange and banana before I got out the door.

Will continually update this post today on my activites &
my food journal! Trying to stick to this and make sure to
pull through on it. I look at it this way, if there's food items
that I would be ashamed to see on my food journal for
that day, I better steer clear of it. lol. I know, weird.
But that is how I'm doing it.

 I'm going to the 5:30pm Zumba class today, before I head
over to Lani's to help cook for the Youth Snow Trip in the
morning [tomorrow @ 6am].

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FREE Sample of Nivea Body Smooth Sensation Lotion

Get a free sample of Nivea Body Smooth Sensation
Lotion here. Just answer the questions to get your
free sample. I just completed mine!

Wordless Wednesday

This was taken in October, walking home
with Loni after picking him up from the school bus.  

Mamavation Launch

I just joined a group called Mamavation on 
Bookie Boo. What is it? Mamavation is a 
a weight loss campaign & social media exp
eriment brought to 2 groups of moms,Mama
vation Moms & The Sistahood 

& Smooth Fitness. Click on the top button, 
for more info. and to join in on the fun:)

So starting today I'll be posting up my
food diary and workouts, etc. hope you'll 
join us on Mamavation! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gym and Avatar Yesterday..

 This morning I got up early and cleaned house
knowing that I had to be at the 10:30 am Zumba
class on time. Kids ate breakfast and got their
morning showers, while I finished up the last of
my laundry to do. By the time we found a parking
and got the kids signed into Kids Club I was 
already 28 minutes late for the Zumba class & 
it was jam packed to the back. So I ended up doing
weights & then went to the treadmill and the 
eliptical machine to finish off my last 20 minutes
before I get the kids and head out to drop them
off at home with Mel, while I run to the church.
12:00pm- I'm meeting with a friend who wants to 
meet for lunch and talk about life insurance. 
12:30pm-3:10pm- Meet up with Lani and the 
girls to go watch Avatar at Lloyd Center. 
[we ended upbooking for the 3D movie at
3:10 pm] so we killed time at the mall waiting
and picking up the rest of the girls for YW, 
a total of 15 girls, our teacher, Mapa & us 
advisors. We should've gone shopping for 
our food supplies for The Youth Snow Trip
this Saturday but we weren't able to go with
So I was feeling really guilty the whole time
I was out & Lani could tell I was uneasy.
So she told me to just enjoy my one night out
& to let Mel bond with his own
yes, she's right.

6:00pm - We're finished watching Avatar & it
was a really fun activity night with all the girls. 
After the movies everyone was taking pictures and
rowdy just waiting for their parents to pick them
up or get dropped off. 

7:00pm- I get home to crying kids and apologize 
for being gone so long and dh is not so happy with
my day filled activities. But this is a first for me to 
be away from home & the kids this long.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting Up with The Gym

So I decided to go to 24 Hour Fitness to get in 
on the Zumba craze with the free 7 day pass I 
tried to print out yesterday. That wasn't succes
sful so I just went in with both the kids. It was 
a great experience.

One of the girls up front helped me sign in
the kids to the kids section and then she 
showed me around the whole place. I really
liked it alot and felt really excited as we
walked around. 

I want to come back as soon as possible to get 
started. When we got back after seeing every
thing, her manager told her that he's signing 
me up and I thanked her. I was hoping that she
would sign me up, because this guy wasn't even
listening to me. I told him I wanted to try it 
out for the first 7 days because I signed up for 
it online and he just kept trying to sign me up 
for some $50 monthly membership and told me
that they would need the money that day for 1st 
and last month up front with a credit/debit card.

I told this guy that I'll start with the $30 some
thing a month and that's it. I never got my 7 
day free pass to try things out and am debating
whether I should try out another place instead. 

But, I desperately want to get started with the
Zumba classes that I just went ahead and took
the lowest deal just to get in. So anyways, I 
picked up the kids from the kids club and they
didn't want to leave. They said it's so fun and 
they wanted to come back the next day. Looks 
like we'll be back on Monday morning for the
Zumba class at 10 am..yay:) 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Stuff Friday!!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Theta Mom Thursday - Trying Out Zumba

Ok, I've been hearing my good friends Sinai
and Silia talking about their fun adventures
in Zumba fitness and decided to try it out 
with my 5 yr. old daughter this morning and
all I can say is that we had tons of fun and
a bit of belly aches but laughed our way thr
ough the routines and different videos on 

I was laughing at the end when
my 5 yr. old said to me.."look mommy, I 
think your tummy is starting to shrink!" 
and I started chuckling and said, yes, Nesi
that's my goal this year..shrink my tummy!
Looks like we're going to do several of these
to get there:) Gotta love kids:)

That's my fun hour of Theta Mom Thursday
Want to know what other Theta Moms are 
doing today? Check out Heather-Theta Mom's
page for more details and join the fun!!

Getting Educated about My Car...

After watching this video I was shocked at the info.
I found out about tires and how to know if the ones 
you have are safe or not. I made sure that will be 
one of my goals for this year is to be more educated
about making my car safer for my family. 

Most of the time I was always relying on my dh to
do everything on the car. Not no more, I now go
to the auto parts store and ask them to show me
how to fill the oil and how to know when I'm low
on it. How to change the wiper blades, etc. 

Next, I want to learn how to change a flat tire 
just in case.  

Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Monday - Jay Sean


I needed some pick me up, work out music 
today to help me conquer my housework
today. So we're getting a double treat from
Jay Sean!!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Daily Tasks for Today.

Tia, Baby Sione & Lei

Today was pretty kickback for us. I was
still trying to catch up on clipping my coupons
and finish up my posts on the new deals.
I was pretty excited to make buck eye desserts
after seeing the recipe on Go Graham Go!

Afterwards, I started finishing up on the agenda
for our Couponing group meeting tomorrow
night at the Stake Center from 6-8:30pm. This
one will be our first get together for the ladies
and it'll be really fun to get to know everyone
in the group. Yolanda will be doing a coupon
demonstration on what works for her and a little
on budgeting for your family. I thought that she
was a perfect candidate, since she's great with
her family's finances and has a BA in Accounting.

My camera batteries ran out on me, so I don't
have any pictures to post up with this. I'll update
it when I get the chance. We had family home
evening and the kids had their turn to speak
and they just expressed how much they love
everyone in the family, naming everyone from
grandpa to baby Sione..No activities as we were
running late on time and Loni had to be in bed
by 7pm. Tonite will be a first that they're all
asleep before 8pm. Nothing like peace and
quiet to help me think and speed up on my
work that needs to be done. Laundry, cleaning
the kitchen, finishing my coupon clipping and
organizing and what not..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Unbelievable how fast 2009
came & went. Now I'm looking forward to all that
this year holds in store for us.

I haven't set any high goals, just that this year I will
definitely change the way my family and I eat..which means
healthier foods. Spending more quality time with my children,
walking more often and going back to school.

Keeping track of our budget and savings is most important
to me also as I didn't keep good track last year.

As most of you know I started up my own business
with Avon as an independent sales rep & am now a unit
leader with an awesome team to support me. A good
friend  also told me about Primerica, which I am now
checking out and learning a great deal about saving up
for a nest egg and keeping your finances in place.
What are your resolutions for 2010?
I'd love to hear more about it!