Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catching Up on "me" Time

The past few days have been pretty
busy for me and I've been starving
for some alone time. I woke up at 5 am
and went to our gym here in the complex
and spent a good hour in there
thinking about my goals that I'd
like to accomplish by December and
working off last night's garlic
chicken pizza on the Elliptical
and the weights.

I'd have to say, I was pretty dizzy &
thirsty as heck
by the time I got off and went outside
to get in my car. But it was even
better when I got back and slept an
extra hour.

How was your Theta Mom Time Out?
Click on the Theta Mom button to check
out what the other moms did on Thursday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cricut Deals at Fred Meyer's

I was at Fred Meyer's last night 
and almost freaked out at their amazing
prices on The Cricut Expressions items.

For example, the blade that's used to cut
the vinyl and wood..that's available for 
$25 bucks and the cartridges were $69
bucks. Unbelievable..but true. 
I unfortunately couldn't get in on the deal
since I had a budget to stick to and was 
only there for 6 lbs of apples for our 
caramel apples that we'll be serving at the
Halloween Youth Dance tomorrow tonight. 

I'll swing by there today for a

Monday, October 26, 2009

Music Monday - NSYNC

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Dentist

This Friday morning I woke up and got the 
two younger ones ready for their 
second dental appointment downtown.

As we're making our way down the steep
hill from our house, I'm driving slow 
and trying to get the windows defogged, 
it's pouring like crazy outside and I'm trying
not to get too close to the big concrete truck 
on my right side, when a small silver car
right behind the concrete truck tries to 
maneuver it's way past the truck and in front
of me. it's moving too fast and I'm trying
to move forward out of it's way when the
car comes slamming into my right 
passenger side door in the front, I think the
driver was trying to hit the breaks. The
kids are screaming and I tell them to sit 
tight and don't move. We're sliding down the
hill with it still hooked at my side and the 
concrete truck moving faster away from 

Thank goodness, we end up stopping 
at the light but we're in the middle of 
the intersection. So she gets out and asks
if we're ok and I tell her yes, we're fine. 

She apologizes and says, that she's on 
her way to school and was in a hurry & 
will grab her insurance information. 
I'm still a little dizzy and ask the kids if 
they are ok. Both are ok and just sit
there staring at me. I tell them to sit still 
while I get and look to see what's damaged
on my car. 

We exchange information and I end up 
calling the dental office to cancel the appt. 
So I turn around and head back home to 
get my insurance info and stuff..since we're
right down the road. 

I come back and she's gone, so I figure 
I'll just give her a call after I've gone to 
Geico to get their input on this situation. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lowes' Free Build & Grow Clinic 10/24

(thanks, Moneywise Moms!)
Your kid(s) can create this Frankenstring Magic
Trick at Lowes' Free Build & Grow Clinic this 
Saturday, October 24th from 10am-11am. 
Click here to find a participating Lowes near you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Sandwich at Jack in The Box Tuesday 10/20/09

Jack in The Box restaurants in Seattle are offering a free
grilled sandwich, with the purchase of a large fountain
drink. click here to find a location near you that might
be participating! 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's To Do List...

I took Loni to school this morning, got back 
and started making my to do list for today
and realized I have so much to do.. My dh
filled the car to full today, since I'll be on the
run most of today. So I'm going to try my
hardest to complete all these things and have
my "me" time. For Theta Mom Thursday.
So here's what I gotta get done today. 

  • Bake 10 pans of assorted cakes, 
  • 1 big tray of Pani Popo & 1 tray of C. Rolls to take to our YW President- Lani's house for their family funeral from last week. 
  • Finish the Laundry in Laundry Room. 
  • Clean the house
  • Finish entering the rest of the deals for my couponing blog
  • Get all letters and shapes cut out for Nursery Board, since our young women are decorating the board for yet another service project. Theme: Fall with Welcome To Nursery lettering. 
  • Get to a bank or credit union to open 2 different business accounts for the AMS Designs FX  and one for Wild Orchid Events. long story on this one..we're looking to just open extras on the side just in case. I finally took care of one item on Chex Systems..and no it wasn't my for reals.
  • Open a personal & savings acct. for the children & I.
  • Pick up Loni from bus stop 
  • Help Loni with his homework before I leave for our YW activities
  • Fix Dinner for the family before I leave. Tater Tot Casserole, Salad & Cornbread

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Princess Bling Cupcake Topper Project..

So instead of doing the ladybug cupcake toppers, I 
decided on doing Princess Tiara Bling Cupcake Toppers.
I know that one was a mouthful..

Here's a pic. of it before getting blinged out..I decided
to go with the smaller popsicle sticks because it would 
look better than the wide width ones. 

I've got the gold shimmer over shadowing the black
with a square multi-cut mirror underneath the tiara 
with either a pink or white bow (mini) 

will post that after pic. in a bit. This is cut at 2"in. on the C. Expressions. 
I used the new Household Decor Cartridge for this one. 

These are made from acid & lignin free cardstock. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Music Monday - New Moon Soundtrack

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Back into My Love of Specialty Painting & A Little Crafting....

It's been a year since I last worked on a project
and I miss it alot. I will definitely catch up on what
I've been missing by signing up for Modello Design's
virtual class. Yay..this is what I've been waiting for. 

Before it was the classes that you had to make it in 
for. But now you can take it in the comfort of your 
home! I'm going through my boxes of tools and materials
that I last ordered from Modello Designs and Faux FX
and am pretty excited to go back to stenciling & 
Faux Finishing while at home with my children.

I'm still a licensed & bonded GRC
so hopefully I'll be able to get back into the game
after taking some more virtual classes and creating
some more samples to add to my portfolio.
I need to earn some money doing some small jobs
or something. 

As for my Cricut Expressions..that's going to be used
today to make some baby shower banners for my 
sister Meliani's baby shower next month. I'm going
to create the lady bug cupcake toppers for her dessert
table...stay tuned for that one! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday

If you're new to "Time Out for Theta
Moms Thursday" and would like to 
join in on the fun, It's about setting 
a goal to set aside one hour of time
within a week to do whatever you
want, without the kids. So on Thursdays
you can post what you did with your
hour of "me" time on Heather's page
with a link back to your blog, so
that other mom's can see what you
did with your hour of free time.

I know I'm posting this late but I finally got caught up
on my "me" time on Friday night. Putting together a
diaper wreath for my baby nephew, Elijah. I love doing
crafty things that helps me to relax and unwind after a
busy day with the kids. I usually unwind with a book or
good walk.

Here's a pic. of what I made. The boy medallions were
created with my awesome new cricut expressions that
I've been waiting to put to use:)

How did you spend your "me" time?

Check out these other fabulous mamas at Theta Mom's
page on how they spent their time!

I really enjoyed this past weekend with my family 
watching & listening to General Conference and 
catching the last of the Walgreen's Deals..
But now I'm back and buckling down to finish up
the reviews that need to be done and getting ready
to receive my packages to help me through the
House Parties I'll be launching this month through

If you like throwing bbq's and having your friends
& family over, then try hosting a house party
Choose from several that are currently accepting 
applications. Here's a list of the current parties 
that are available. You can only apply once per 
party and then await the results by email. 

  • Windows® 7 Launch Party ( 17 days away) 
  • Ford Taurus Game Day House Party (12 days away) 
  • Sargento Finishers Great Create After Party

The response time is really quick. So far I'm 
signed up to host these awesome parties coming 
up in my home with my friends and family. It's a
good way to sample these products with your 
friends and share it on your blog with everyone