Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nesi's baptism

I thought I had posted this but I guess I didn't post it the day I was supposed
to. I'll blame my absentmindedness on my pregnancy. So yes...Nesi got baptized
and her first cousin Vita baptized her and then her uncle Saia did her confirmation.

Dh's side flew down and so did the girls. We all went to Hometown Buffet
afterwards for dinner and had a great time with the families that came to
support Nesi and her special day. Here's some photos of that day I just wanted
to share with you.

7 Weeks To Go!

It's been a while since I've been on here. Alot has happened since
our happy announcement. I still haven't been able to get to a doctor
to check if it's a boy or a girl. Trying to get the insurance has been
a struggle for us. But I have been feeling the baby kick alot and last
night couldn't sleep that well from all the baby's movements.

The baby has gotten really low, so I know I'm getting close. I could
have this baby before the 7th week hits. I have a feeling it's a boy,
my mother thinks it's a girl and they're prepping and buying things as
if it's a girl coming. I've asked them to wait until the baby arrives so
we can see then.

We're also in the prep phase of moving to another home. We've
outgrown this home and are now looking for something where we'll
all fit with the baby. I'm a little stressed by it and not looking forward
to it. I have been packing little bit at a time and will leave the rest up
to dh to worry about.

Tia (my eldest daughter) graduated last month from Everest College
from their medical program and is now preparing to enter her papers
to go on her mission. I'm so proud of her and the path she's chosen.

Ami's still serving his mission in Forth Worth, Texas and is currently
living with another Tongan family in Euless and enjoying his work in
the Lord's field.

Hinalei (second daughter) is busy in high school with volleyball and

Loni turned 10 years old this month and enjoyed his birthday money
from friends and family. We did cake and ice cream for that and took
him to a nickecade to play to his heart's content.

Loni and Nesi have a Polynesian program after school today that
we'll be attending. Don't know what their dance number is. I did help
with the costumes and will be there at 4 pm today helping the kids
get dressed for their last activity before school gets out on the 12th.