Friday, January 28, 2011

Taxes, To Do Lists and More....

The past 3 days I've been working on our taxes and was 
glad to put it through and hear back to see if it got accepted. 
It did and now I'm preparing my list of bills that need to get
paid and rent to be paid. 

Yesterday as I picked up the kids from school they asked if
they could stay up late since they have no school today and 
Monday. I was wondering why I hadn't seen it in any forms
they brought from school and then realized that I had been 
so caught up in doing taxes, couponing, working on book
reviews and the list goes on. Thank goodness, I checked 
online and they were right! 

I stepped away from the computer for a bit to cook some 
breakfast for the kids and throw a load into the washer. 
Since the kids are out of school right now, I asked them to
put their warm clothes on so we could go and check out 
the mail room for more inserts, then come back and do 
some fun activities with them. I'm looking forward to the 
tax to purchase a camcorder. I miss recording the kids 
and fun stuff. How's your Friday? 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monetizing Your Blog II with MyLikes

If you haven't been to MyLikes, stop by their page and 
check it out. I'm glad that Dear Crissy brought it up on 
her page and I've been gung ho about it ever since. Yes,
I'm trying to earn extra $$ on the side with the blogs & 
such, so I was pretty excited to see that my balance went
up from .63c to $1.16...slowly but surely people. I hope
not too slow. I also found out that I'm getting my first 
ever google adsense check for $100.00 I can't believe
 it took me 2 years to earn that. I hope it'll get better in 
time. Do you have any advice on how you monetize your
blog? I'm still lost on LinkWorth and will look them over
again in the morning. It's getting late and I just can't keep
my eyes open anymore..Good night folks:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changes, Callings and Moving...

Lately I haven't had alot of time to blog. I did receive a new
calling in church. I am now the Primary Secretary and started
this past Sunday. It was enjoyable and I love being in there.
I'm learning alot with my new calling and trying to remember
faces and names. The presidency is a wonderful trio to work
with and I will miss them when we move next month. It'll be
kinda far, so that means we won't be within their boundaries
to attend the ward. So we will have to find another one soon.

Why are we moving? Trying to find something more affordable
than where we're at right now. We're currently paying $940
a month for rent (2 bd,2 bth), but recently we've been late due
to payment schedules from different clients and have been
paying $1,300 or more a month in just late fees and court costs.

The kids aren't looking forward to moving to another school
but I know they'll adjust soon enough once we're settled in our
new place. I just filed our taxes so that amount should help us
get into a place quick enough. I love filing electronically online
because you get it pretty quick. We're getting our on the 4th
so I've already got all the utilities lined up to get paid before
the move.

Wordless Wednesday 1/26/2011

Loni and Nesi experimenting with the Hexbug Nanos 
and loving it. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Refer Friends and Followers and Make Money

I've been laxed on my blogs and read Dear Crissy's page
about earning $$$ from your blogs through MyLikes and
another company called, LinkWorth. I'm new to both and
tried to do my reading on how it works. Crissy's page gives
an in depth guide on how to use LinkWorth.  I'm still a bit
confused with LinkWorth and not sure if I'm putting in the
right price. If you're wanting to earn an extra amount of $$
a month, you should check these two companies out and
see how it works out for you. I'm still waiting to get approved
with LinkWorth. Crossing my

I'm so glad that she shared that information because I'd
like to earn as much $$ for our little family savings. Hope
this bit of information helps you and your friends out as
well. Stop by sometime and tell me how it went for you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family Movie Night

Last night the kids and I checked out like 10 movies from the library 
to watch through the weekend while we're cutting coupons. I noticed
Oklahoma and grabbed it. I remember seeing parts of it when I was
little and I wanted to see if the kids would stick through the movie 
with me. I love musicals and Oklahoma is one of my favorites. They
got to watch Sound of Music for the first time in December and love 
it. They can't get enough of Kurt and Maria. They continually ask to 
check that one out every time we visit the library. 

So I put in Oklahoma and automatically my 6 yo is enjoying the 
songs and getting in to the movie and tells me that she likes the way
the girls dress, but would never want to wear knickers, because 
their these kids sometimes give me a good laugh. 

They liked The Surrey with The Fringe On Top. They didn't like Judd. 
My 7 yo felt sorry for Judd and told everyone else to stop hating on him.
The girls were singing along to these tunes. Love it!!

How is your weekend coming along?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dumpster Diving for Coupons?

I know most of you have probably heard of or have watched the 
new TLC show, Extreme Couponing. I've heard of it recently and
haven't had the chance to watch it in it's entirety. My friends and family
have called or texted me about it and brought up the couponer that goes
dumpster diving for her coupons. I did see that on TLC's site and 
don't see anything really wrong with it. People do what they have
to in order to save money or survive. It doesn't look like a dumpster
but a recycling bin. 

Last week I head over to our complex's mailroom to check our
mail and came across the Smartsource Weekly flyer and inserts 
inside and found two coupon inserts. In the mail room there are 
two garbage cans that were just full of paper and everyone's flyers
that they didn't want. So what did I do? Yes, I started rummaging
through that first wastebasket next to our box and ended up finding
a total of 50 inserts combined just from that basket. 

Did I save any money with those coupons? I sure did. There were
the square ramen noodle bowl coupons for .50c off each. I ended 
up with 20 of those coupons and paid .29c each after coupons for
those. Not bad..and the list goes on. Is it worth it? it sure is..with 
all the coupon inserts I walked away with, it saved me alot of $$ I 
don't have. I did share most of those coupons with my friends and 
family who are trying to start their stockpiles. 

I spent mostly 3 hours cutting and sorting them today and ready 
to go back tomorrow for some more. My 7 yo gets embarrased
while my 6 yo is happy to assist me by carrying a couple of inserts
for me to the car. I figure with our financial situation the way it is
it's something I have to do to continue our little stockpile while
trying to get our bills paid down. Right now I'm mainly interested
in stocking up on batteries, soaps, shampoos and deodorants
since we're doing pretty good in the food area. It's a new year
and I'm trying not to get alot of processed food and mainly lean
towards healthier food options such as fruits and veggies. 


Getting Back On The Diet Bandwagon

This week and last my friends Umu and Yolanda have urged 
me to get back into shape with them at the gym with Zumba. 
I started doing it last year for 2 or more classes then stopped
because I couldn't go that far to the Zumba classes that every
one else was going to. I'm now making it in to the one just 
a couple of blocks away with a Free 7 day pass. 

Right now it's not in the budget to attend the classes. So after
the 7 day period, I'm going to resort to watching them on 
YouTube and following along there until I can buy it on Wii
and do it anytime here at home. I was so glad to find out that
today through fellow blogger Renee that Zumba came out for
Wii during the holidays or something like that. 

I gained like 8 pounds or so during the holidays and I'm now
willing to part ways with all the extra baggage and love handles
that I've been lugging around...about 150 pounds.

I've been drinking more water about a gallon a day according
to my weight. It was hard at first but it's been getting easier by
the day. The kids love that I've been going to the gym. Every
time we pass it my 6 yo asks if I plan on going that day and 
to take her along too. They're pretty good at keeping me in 
check. The other day Loni came in to the kitchen while I was
eating my salad and he says, "You know, Dr. Oz said that it's
healthier to eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich than eating a
salad!" I was shocked and started laughing..then I asked him
where he got that from and he said that he once saw it the 
Dr. Oz show.  Gotta love these kids. They say the darndest 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Had fun at my nephew baby Sione's birthday in October.

Sione and his birthday suit on his dad's shoulders

My first try at making a fondant cake..gone wrong.
Never take $100 to make a cake for 500 people. I 
learned alot from this mistake. Top layer should've 
been 2 instead of 3 and we didn't have enough fondant.
March 2010

A trip to Fred Meyer's and favorite sister moment
with Nesi and Hinalei.

We took photos of the kids 
to place in each of their Memory books/Journals
in December. This is one of Nesi's pictures.

One of our first photos taken with our Canon we purchased
in March.

Baby Sione and my sis. Meliani cheering Ami on

Ami's last senior game- Westlake -vs- East High

seeing off Elder Tahi Moeaki at the MTC in SLC,UT

4th of July in Salt Lake