Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Visit to The House of The Lord

I finally got to pay a visit to the temple last Saturday with a 
cousin of mine. [Her dad and my dad are cousins.] We got 
together at work during lunch to walk and talked about 
how she's always going to the temple on the weekends, 
and I thought about how it's been a year or so, that I haven't
gone. So I asked her if I could come along too. 

I've always wanted to get away for an hour to pray and 
meditate on the things that I'm currently struggling with 
and ask for God's blessings in everything I do. Since I've
gone with my cousin, things have been starting to fall in 
place for me, I'm more at peace with where I'm at in 
life and striving to keep moving forward. 

Lani and I are sort of in the same situation right now. 
We're both married mothers, solo parents and so we 
understand each other. Her dh is in the islands and I'm 
still separated with my dh, yet he's in Portland and I'm
here in Salt Lake with the kids. 

She's so strong and has taught me many things about 
being more patient, forgiving and understanding. I'm 
glad that she's in my life right now and hope that some
day I can help her like she's helped me. 

I haven't had many friends like her that are honest and 
strive to live a Christ like life. I wish her the best in all 
that she does and that things may go her way soon. 
We've talked about getting together to get our children's
72 hour kits/backpacks ready for any upcoming emerg
encies and maybe introducing the kids to each other. 

Nesi's got a birthday coming up so I'm planning on
 inviting her and her children to stop by and have
some fun with my kids. While we get some mommy 
time to talk with the other mothers. 

I hope that you may cherish the friendships you have, 
It really helps when you have a network of friends that
are positive and non judgmental to help you get through
the good and bad times in your life.