Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Handcart Trek and New Jobs

Yesterday I got the girls ready for their Pioneer Handcart Trek 
Event that kicks off today until Friday, July 1st. Just in case 
you didn't know..Youth from all over the globe participate in 
these Handcart Treks sponsored by the LDS Church. It's an 
annual event that's open to all youth ages 14 to 18. My son 
that just graduated isin't going since he just landed a job at the
Barricades starting off at $16 an hour. My little brother, Aaron
got him in, so I'm really happy for him. 

The girls are going and I'm sure this will be a humbling exper
ience for the both of them. We attended a fireside held especially
for the Trek and the youth were introduced to their Ma's & Pa's 
and the family that they're assigned to stay with for the duration
of the Trek. We were told to have our youth start walking every
day for at least 15 minutes 3 days a week until the actual Trek. 
So that they're prepared for the Trek. So far we only went once
last week, I hope the girls will do well. We sent them off with a 
digital camera (the only thing they can take, no cell phones, etc.)
to take pictures of the journey. I can't wait to see them. 

Last night, we dropped the girls off for a big sleepover at their 
young women leader's home and from there they left this morn
ing for their 7 hour drive to where the trek will begin. We were
asked to prepare a lunch for our children. They had Coldstone 
Creamery Ice Cream last night for a treat. The girls are so excited
about leaving today. I told them that they have to make do without
showers and so they'll have to adjust to using wipes for every
thing. I've heard that they come back humbled and more appre
ciative of what they have. 

How is your week coming along?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Viliami's High School Graduation

This past Thursday, my eldest son, Viliami graduated from West Lake High
in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

The commencement ceremony was beautiful with wonderful speakers, and
an excited crowd of family and friends. I loved the speech their principal
gave and hope that my son listened to his wise words and advice. My camera
wasn't working so well that day, so I'm really glad my lil' sisters had their
cameras on hand to take pictures. The picture above is of all my children
and I.

This week has been so busy. We stayed up making his candy leis the
night before until 2 am. The commencement ceremony started at 9 am. So
we were walking around with not enough sleep. The flower and plant lei's
were shipped in overnight by my 1st cousin, Mana and his wife. She hand
braided the necklaces just for Ami. I'm so blessed to have family that
loves and cares.

Ami and one of his besties

side view of Ami and my mom, who he also 
calls mom:)

Ami and my youngest sis. Siva

Ami w/ all the aunties, sisters & nieces

Line (ami's 1st cousin), Ami, Hinalei (sister)

Loni's Baptism

Loni and his lil' sister 

Loni turned 8 on May 15th and got baptized on the 21st by his uncle
Saia Lutui. He's was pretty excited to see all his cousins and siblings
attend. Grandma and Grandpa came in from out of state also..after
wards we had a little get together at the house. It was fun and the 
kids enjoyed their time with the family. His aunt, Nia (his dad's sister)
flew in from Mesquite, Nevada and his uncle, Saia (his dad's bro.) 
flew in from SLC, UT.  We just had a lot of friends & neighbors 
attend as well.  

Tia, Grandpa Iki, Hinalei, Grandma Neti, Big bro. Ami,
Nesi, Loni and 1st cousin Sione. 

Loni and his aunt (his dad's sister)

Our bishop and Loni 

Loni's dad, Loni's aunt, Loni, Loni's uncle, Nesi