Monday, March 28, 2011

First Sunday in Our New Ward

Yesterday we finally made it in to church to meet
up with our new bishopric and ward members. It 
was also a fast Sunday since we're going to have 
General Conference next weekend. During sacram
ent meeting after announcements were made, every
one was given a chance to stand up and give their
testimony and I wanted to get up but have this 
terrible fear of standing in front of people and talking.

So I decided what the heck..just get up and do it 
and introduce yourself and the family while you're
at it. So I did..most of the people who were bearing
their testimonies before mine, were talking about 
their family trials and tribulations and how the gospel
has helped them get through those hard times. 

I got up and introduced myself and the rest of our 
family and explained that we have our share of trials
and tribulations are currently working through them
with bible/scripture study every night and daily prayer.
I felt so much better after I bore my testimony.

So after Gospel & Doctrine class, I headed over to 
Relief Society eager to learn and take in the lesson. 
I think I've been spiritually starving and needed to be
fed. I met so many wonderful sisters who not only 
care and help one another. I too, am excited about 
getting to help out with one of their many projects 
for the upcoming month.  One of them is 1000 Quilts
for Japan. 

They're collecting 1000 quilts, blankets and comforters
for the earthquake and tsunami survivors. Many of 
them suffering from the cold and sleeping on floors of 
shelters without a blanket for comfort. 
  • Donate a homemade or purchased quilt,comforter or blanket. It can be twin,double or queen size. No thin or old blankets please. 
  • Tell your friends, family and co-workers about this great opportunity for service. 
  • Invite your facebook friends to participate. 
  • Andy and Bax on Grand Ave and Sgt. Gators in Boring has wool blankets for $25. Stores such as Kohls, JCPenney's, Walmart and Target carry comforters.
  • Attach a note of encouragement to your item letting the recipient know you care. 
  • Place your item in a plastic bag.

They also asked the sisters to head over after church 
to another sister's home to do more quilting there so 
that they may finish the quilts before the April 1st dead
line. I really want to go but will be able to make it for 
the Tuesday night gathering. I'm excited to learn how
to quilt. I've been wanting to learn for so long and now
my chance to learn it will  be this week:)

They also have a Humanitarian Project going as well
until April 9th..collecting 100 pairs of new socks, 25
 New Wash Cloths, 25 New Hand Towels and were
asked to place the donations in the box at the RS table. 

They also showed us how to can a day food supply
per person for emergencies. They used a tiny can 
opener to open the can with. The lady said that they
used it in the army and you can hang it on your key
chain. I forgot to ask her where you can buy them.
I think I'd like to buy alot to have on hand. Sorry 
the picture isin't perfect. I used the cell phone camera
on this one. 

I think that's a wonderful idea. Here's what they had
in there. 
  • Nature Valley Granola Bar
  • 1 pack of Ramen noodles
  • 1 plastic cup
  • 3 plastic spoons
  • 2 juice boxes
  • 1 pack of fruit snacks
  • 1 envelope of hot chocolate mix
  • 1 envelope of Cider mix
  • 1 bag of dried fruits or snack mix

 You can do it the way you want to. This is what
they just had on hand to put in theirs. Some people
use backpacks instead of the can. I think I'd do 
both, label the top of the can so that I can rotate
and use it before the expiration dates. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Settling into a new home

You are probably wondering about the big spaces between posts. Well, we were nearing the end of our lease at our apartment and decided to just hurry and find a rental home we can move to temporarily for a year. We found a 3 bdrm, 2 bath home in Gresham that's got lots of room for all of us and then some! Good news is..I lost 9 pounds within 5 days of moving,loading,unpacking and no eating or drinking after 6pm. Then I'll drink my 3 liters of cold tap water along with my prenatal vitamins upon rising in the morning. (no, I'm not prego..just trying to grow my hair) The kids love the new place and are excited to have their own rooms.

After moving in we had to wait for a week to get our internet installed by Qwest. So after the internet got hooked, our trusty computer just broke down. So now I have to use the wii to access the internet. That is why there is no pictures.

how is your week coming along?