Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ami's Football Game...

Photo credits: Salote Teisina

Ami and his teammates won their football game on 
Friday evening against Mt. View 42 to 48!!! They're 5-0! 
Benji, Fiki and Lai (Salote's brothers)

Casual Sunday at Home

Tia and baby Sione
I thought Loni would've been better by now
so that we'd be able to make it in to church
today..He's been sick since Friday and now
Nesi's starting to cough too. I think it's just
a change in the weather is all.

I've been looking for a job and happened
to go over Nesi's papers that she brought
home from school and see that they're
now hiring lunch workers for the school
district we're in. I got really excited and
applied, now I hope to get a call. I'm
hoping to just get something part time
while I try to get my little cupcake business

How was your Sunday?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guests from Australia....

Sione & Sila Nuku Ika and the little ones..
visiting the Rose Gardens

This one has got to be my favorite one!!

We went and visited the Temple grounds 
they wanted to stop by there and take tons
of pictures. Their honeymoon started in  
Hawaii for 1 week, then 1 week in Las Vegas, 
Portland, Oregon for 5 days, Salt Lake City for
2 weeks then heading back home to Australia.
I told them that has got to be the best honeymoon
ever! Their families raised over $30k for them 
from the wedding reception in gift money to start
their marriage off with. I think that is wonderful 
for them, with hard times right now..every bit helps
for the newlyweds.

Below are pictures from their honeymoon
in Las Vegas and Hawaii...

Sila & Sione at Polynesian Cultural Center- Hawaii

I'm guessing this is the Tongan hut at The PCC.

It was fun having them here! Thanks for stopping
by Sione and Sila!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lady Marcella and Lord Kalaniuvalu Fotofili Wedding

Cousin Ainise, Uncle Tu'a & Lady Marcella
Photo credits: Patrick Mila

I'm glad that my parents finally took a
breather and packed their bags for a two
week vacay to their motherland, Tonga. 
It's been years since they were last there
and my 3rd cousin was to get married 
there..which is the reason why they went.

Before I was born my mothers' aunt & 
uncle had given them a piece of land for
their wedding gift. At that time, her uncle
was the governor of Vava'u and told them
that they now have a piece of land on Mt.
Talau that is going to be registered to them.
It has a breath taking view of the ocean
and the other island across from it. My
parents are grateful for all they've done
for our family.

I was last there when I was 9 years old. 
It's been a while and I plan on taking the 
kids there one of these days to visit and 
meet their cousins. My cousin [Marcella]
who is getting married is the Governor
grand daughter, her father is my
mother's 2nd cousin and he is the current
Ambassador of Tonga. She is tying the 
knot with Lord Kalaniuvalu, 1st cousin of 
the King of Tonga. The Queen and Lord Kalaniuvalu's
mother are sisters. 

My little sister Elisivauafu dancing at the
reception representing
my mother's Taumoepeau family.

Entrance to the wedding ceremony

Flower Girls: Kalolaine Taukapa Lata-'i- Falefehai 
Tu'iha'angana and Latuniua Lavinia Veiongo
Maid of Honour: Cousin Ainise, Bride's Twin 

Father and Bride: Uncle Tu'a and Marcella  

Brass band and Choir?
"I do"

Lord Kalaniuvalu Fotofili and Lady Marcella

The blushing bride..Congrats Marcella!!

Lord Kalaniuvalu, Lady Marcella, HRH Princess Pilolevu,
HRH Princess Siuilikutapu Kalaniuvalu Fotofili

Father and Daughter this one.

Love that mat and the designs:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Thai Kitchen House Party Host!!

I'm so excited to find out that I'm a confirmed 
host for Thai Kitchen's My Thai Kitchen through
House Party!! It's going to be on Saturday,  Sep.
25th, 2010. I'm still making up my invitation list.

I'll be baking a cake with the Thai Kitchen logo
to display at the party this month. I don't know 
how to cook alot of Asian dishes and this would
be the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Want to host your own party? Sign up at 
House to enter and get picked to host
some awesome parties!! Hopefully I'll get my 
camera back in time for it. It's getting fixed due
to an accident and the lost battery charger..

Girls Vacay in Hawaii

Aunty Tez, Brianna, Uncle Perth, Lei

The girls have been back from their vacation in Hawaii
and are starting to get back into the mode of 
"Back to School". They stayed with my first cousin
and his wife, who were gracious enough to give 
the girls $150 each in shopping $$ while they were
there. Thanks, Tezra and Perth. 

I constantly reminded the girls to help Tezra out 
with whatever she needs done around the house 
or babysitting (they're blessed with 8+) children. 
So I know that Tezra would love to get some R&R
once in a while. 

Briana doing her thing.

Hinalei posing..

3 of the little ones..soo cute!

Renzo and Tia