Saturday, March 3, 2012

Downton Abbey...My New Favorite TV Show

I recently did a book review of The Maid of Fairbourne
Hall by Julie Klassen and learned about the way things are
run in a Hall in England. I've been fascinated ever since
that book review and then came upon Downton Abbey on
PBS channel last month. I then found out that the Season 1 
of Downton Abbey was also on Netflix as well. I can 
tell you that on Tuesday we watched all of it in one sitting
while packing all our 72 hour backpacks for emergencies.
(I figure if we're going to watch this we might as well be 
doing something useful at the same time..)

Yes, it's that good and soo addicting. I love the characters 
and can't wait to see Season 2. The costumes are exquisite
and I just can't get enough. The girls love to watch for 
the fashion. I just like that it's somthing different from
what's on tv every night.

Which is another reason I want to get my sewing on!
I've been searching for all types of Edwardian patterns
that I can get my hands on. My favorite is the Gibson
Girl blouse top pattern that can be found on

The Cast of Downton Abbey..

The Crawley Sisters of Downton Abbey in Vogue
Click here for the article.

The Crawley Sisters & their mother. 

Thank goodness it's Sunday tomorrow. I always find myself 
counting down the days until Masterpiece Theatre comes on. 

Handing Out Mother's Cookies at Work

Yesterday was a great day at work. My second day and what's
more fun than getting paid to hand out cookies and coupons?
I had so many women taking a sample and leaving the coupon
saying that they'd eat the whole bag if they bought it. Others
just beamed as soon as they saw the Circus Animal cookies
and said that it reminded them of their childhood. I had to take
a picture of it and forward it to my supervisors. Hope they ok
it. I sold out of cookies by my 4:10 pm. and then got my paper
work signed by the manager, cleaned up and then headed home.

Today's going to be even better! I'm going to be passing out
Oreo cookies, Oreo 100th birthday party hats and $1/1 coupons.
I'll be asking shoppers to sample a free Oreo and have a Oreo
licking contest where winners will win a free Oreo 100th Birthday
Sticker. I love my part-time job!

I'll update you later on a picture and what happened. Other than
that I'm going to turn in for an hour then get up to wake the kids
for school. oops, forgot it's Saturday today.. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Favorite Hobby....Sewing

Yes, my friends..ever since I became a seamstress 
at Beehive Clothing. I walked away wanting to sew
more. So I bought myself a new machine. After 
paying bills, I decided to go with something afford
able and that wasn't going to break down on me. 

I've only had experience on the commercial power
machines and figure the home machines should be
a cinch. So I got on to bought a few 
courses on sewing dresses, couture techniques,
hand tailoring and more. I'm telling you, it's addicting! 
first one class, then another one! I'm also addicted to
Pinterest and all the lovely DIY, Cooking and Sewing
ideas found on there.

So far I've sewn a plaid scarf (from a pillowcase) off 
a tutorial I found on Pinterest. Now I'm waiting for a 
Vogue pattern arriving any day now for the Couture 
Dress tutorial I signed up for on Craftsy! So excited
about my new hobby, I stocked up on items I might
need for upcoming projects at Walmart this morning.
So I wouldn't have to run to the store for a while.

Here's what I've found fun to make so far from 
Pinterest. I'll update you later on how I did with the
Couture Dress Tutorial and the Starlet Suit Jacket 
Tutorial. Want to check out a free tutorial? They 
have one on how to make Dipped, Dusted & Rolled
Handmade Chocolates. I love that one!

The tutorial is here at Vermillion Rules

My version of The T-Shirt Ruffle Scarf! 
(took me a minute or two to make it!)

My trusty Janome machine. I'm wanting the
Threadbanger machine, but that one sold out
on, so this one will do for now:)

new sewing tools, most of them were .97c ea.
at Walmart.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Latest Updates....

Hi Friends! It's been a while since I've been on here and
alot has happened since I last posted from Salt Lake. I'm
currently back in Portland and working again. This time,
I'm getting my contractor license back up again to be able
to start working and pay off my son's mission coming up
pretty soon. How much? $10k....Yes, my eldest son is
going to be 19 on the 10th this month and getting ready
to put in his papers to serve the Lord. I'm so excited for
him and the road he's chosen to take. I found a little part
time job on the side that's part time and the pay isin't so
bad. I'm sure you're itching to find out...I'm started last
week as a product demonstrator for $12 an hour. That's
not bad, considering people are out there looking for a job.
I thought it was something to do in my spare time while
getting everything set up again for the business.

Last week, we finally received our tax refund and paid
some bills and saved the rest to get re-licensed and all.
I really miss Salt Lake and my old job at Beehive Clothing.
It was a wonderful environment to work in and I made
friendships for a lifetime. Now, I'm on to a new chapter
and new things. On my exit interview with my supervisor,
she gave me some great advice and told me that I can
always come back there someday if the family moves
back to Salt Lake again.

Taking her advice, I'm keeping myself busy these days
with the kids, working and starting the hobbies I've
always wanted to start but kept putting off. (That's on
my next post) Although I was really busy in Salt Lake
working and all, I did shed some 35 pounds when I was
there. When I got there I weighed 300 pounds, coming
back, I finally got the chance to weigh myself and
really glad to see that I now weigh 265. I still am trying
to go down to my weight goal of 180 pounds. That's
another post as well..

How was your week?