Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tending to the sick....

The past couple of days has been tiring for me.
My family is sick from the flu except for me..
not sure if it is the swine flu but it's taking
it's toll on my dh to the point he's coughing out
blood. lots of it and I've asked him that we take
him in. But he can't seem to stay home from work
and still left anyway.

I'm pretty sure that my little ones picked up
their coughing from him since he first got sick
last Thursday. My five year old son has had a
fever and coughing since Saturday. He woke up
yesterday morning feeling a bit better, the
fever is gone but he's still coughing.

My 4 yr. old dd has gotten better also. I've
been looking up the symptons of this new
Swine Flu and it looks like some deadly stuff
going around. Hope that they find a vaccine
for it.

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