Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diaper Wreaths

- 2 bottles- 1 small is filled with bliss chocolates, 1 large bottle
- 6 little tykes rings
- 1 large teething ring-assorted styles.
- 1 full size Johnson & Johnson baby bubble bath & Wash 15 fl.oz.
- 1 Revlon Nail Clipper for mom
- 1 Nail clipper for baby
- 5 wash cloths in assorted colors and patterns.
- 1 Herbal Essences Haircare kit for mom includes: 1Totally Twisted Shampoo, Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel, Totally Twisted Conditioner Revitalisant.
1 - Johnson's Softlotion in 2oz. Travel Size - Melt Away Stress Lotion.
1 - Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70 (travel size)
1 - Bottle Brush with nipple brush
1- Winnie the pooh pacifier
2 - baby bibs- assorted variety
1- Johnson's baby shampoo 1.5oz

I've been practicing making these diaper wreaths and
not sure how much is too much on these. I have been
putting on whatever I think might look cute on them
so let me know what you think I should add on or
take off..

On the above heart shaped one. I just used a wire hanger
and shaped it into a heart and then went from there.

I had tons of Demet's Turtles Individually (packaged)
from my couponing trips to I paper hole
punched the corners of the packages with heart shapes
and then threaded them with the curling ribbon onto
the diaper wreath.

I'll post up pics. of the round 18" diaper wreaths
in a bit.

I've also attached goodies on there for mom and dad Herbal Essences Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner,
Axe Body Wash for dad..

18" Round Diaper Wreath includes:

- 1 J&J First Aid Kit Travel Size
- 1 Munchkin Swivel Bottle Brush w. nipple
brush inside the handle.
- 4 Assorted wash cloths
- 1 teething ring (large)
- 20 Huggies size 3 Diapers
- 1 Herbal Essences Travel Size Shampoo
- 1 Herbal Essences Travel Size Conditioner
- 1 Herbal Essences TS Hairspray
- 1 Big Bird Hair Brush
- 1 Big Bird Yellow/White Comb
- 1 Trial size Purell Hand Sanitizer
- 1 J&J Trial Size Lotion
- 1 J&J Trial Size Shampoo
- 1 packet of Cottonelle Wipes
- 1 bottle
- 6 small teething rings.

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