Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls Vacay in Hawaii

Aunty Tez, Brianna, Uncle Perth, Lei

The girls have been back from their vacation in Hawaii
and are starting to get back into the mode of 
"Back to School". They stayed with my first cousin
and his wife, who were gracious enough to give 
the girls $150 each in shopping $$ while they were
there. Thanks, Tezra and Perth. 

I constantly reminded the girls to help Tezra out 
with whatever she needs done around the house 
or babysitting (they're blessed with 8+) children. 
So I know that Tezra would love to get some R&R
once in a while. 

Briana doing her thing.

Hinalei posing..

3 of the little ones..soo cute!

Renzo and Tia

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Michelle A'etonu said...

what great pics of Hawaii! i sure do miss it and want to visit soon. glad your girls had a great time and it's so nice of them to give their Aunty a hand!