Friday, November 12, 2010

Furlough Day Due to Budget Cuts

Loni comes home after school and tells me that
he has some really important papers to give me
and that I have to look at it immediately..teacher
says. So he hands me a November Calendar 
Reminder and I see 5 days on there are Furlough
Days due to budget cuts..yikes. Starting today. 
then Nov. 22nd through the 24. then Thanksgiving

I felt bad reading it and wished there was something
I could do to help out. So I started looking through
the closets for the Scholastic Phonics Kit we received
2 years ago and never put to use and let the kids test
out the new Steps to Scholastic Success Slide Show
Mathematics Grades 3-4 CD-Rom we received to 
review for our Holiday Gift Guide on Luscious Deals. 

I'm making sure that my kids learn what they have to
learn with all these furlough days adding up. Maybe 
I went to extremes today but, I wanted to start a new
schedule that would be better for them in the long 
run. Time on our new Wii game machine has been 
cut down to half an hour instead of an hour. We're 
now doing 2 rounds of 20 minute reading sessions 
in the morning and afternoon. I'm trying to get more 
ideas and have been surfing homeschooler blogs 
most of the day, between cooking, cleaning and 
blogging. I want to do more stuff like science and 
studying about other countries. What do you think?


Michelle A'etonu said...'re so proactive. go mom!

Hungrigyrl said...

Newest follower from the blog hop. Great job Mom! I need to work with my kids more on their studies, its a tough world out there and I don't want them to suffer!