Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Favor for A Friend...

Lately I haven't been up to much. A good friend asked
me a couple of weeks ago if I could use my camera to 
take a picture of her mom and son for some Christmas
eCards. So I agreed. I haven't had the chance to actually
go out and photograph people so I was pretty nervous. 

Her mom brought 3 sets of change and we set out to 
look for a place to take their pictures. We didn't get far
when they decided to take pictures in our area and the 
park in the back. Thank goodness it was sunny that 
Saturday afternoon. I was hoping that the rain and cloudy
skies wouldn't ruin our fun. Though it was really windy
and cold that day. Our pictures turned out ok. I did learn
alot that day about what I could've done better. So I 
asked her if she'd like to try it again on another sunny 
day and she happily agreed. Here's a couple of shots 
from that day. We ended up with 200 or more shots 
and it was really hard to pick what was good to post
and what wasn't. This was a chance for me to use 
my Adobe Lightroom 3 program that I hadn't used 
yet. What do you think? 

This was taken in the parking lot of our church in
front of a light post. She was still fixing his collar 
and I thought it was a perfect moment.

Grandma Lita and Kimball Jr. 

My friend Aviance and her son,Polo leka (nick name)

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