Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Volunteer Work for Last Saturday

I'm finally getting around to updating you on this past weekend.
So we were asked to volunteer on Saturday, May 30 to decorate
the gym and one of the meeting rooms at the stake center for a
wedding. We were invited to the bridal shower on thursday which
was also last minute..

So I asked the young women in our ward to all meet at the stake
center on Saturday @ 7 am to start decorations for the wedding
favors table, gift table and a table that displayed all their

We didn't have any table linens and thought that the relief
society had some and they didn't have any either. So we had
to make due with what we had. Thankfully Siu, had some linens
with her so this what we did with it..

Favors table: Chocolate Bliss Candies in Favor Boxes...

Pic. 2

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