Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crafty Ideas...

Photo: Royal Design Studio.

This is the next craft idea on my list. I was thinking that this
would be nice to create (the chair cover) for a wedding couple at
their reception or something. In our cultural weddings, the
couple usually has a wedding dance the night before the wedding
which is a friday night and the family always provides huge
decorative quilts that would cover both metal chairs..but I
thought the above pic. would be cute when covering each chair
with their initials on the covers.

I purchased the whole training kit 7 DVD Elegant Stenciled
Effects Program from Royal Design Studios for $299.00
and never got around to using I'll be trying it tonight
to see how it turns out with the fabric I have on hand.

Go here to check it out and order the won't regret it~

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