Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Job Hunting plus Julie & Julia

So this morning I got up and made my dad
breakfast. Kids were still sleeping, so I got
onto 2 blog and watch Julie & Julia on Netflix.
What a movie. I wasn't such a fan of Julia
Child when I was a child. My mom loved
watching her shows. After watching it, I really
want to go out and buy her cookbook. I
heard it's a good movie and now I finally got
to watch it and apply for jobs.

He called this morning and asked how we're
doing. I told him that we're doing good. I have
to admit it's hard on the kids and they're trying
to hang in. Sometimes they just cry and ask if
we could just go back home to dad. I figure
one day when they're grown, they'll understand.

For now, I'm taking everything one day at a
time and hope that I'll be able to land a job soon.
I'm now putting up ads in hopes that I'll land
small jobs installing concrete overlays and acid
stains here in Utah, while looking for a regular


Alicia said...

I used to watch some of her cooking shows when I was younger. We watched the movie too, and it was so good! I think it appealed to me even more because the lady was a blogger!!

I hope all is well, and that you are able to find a job quickly. I can imagine how frustrating that can be.


Buckeroomama said...

I really enjoyed that movie! :)

Sinai said...

Hang in there!!!!! I'm sure with your experience and what not, you'll find something.

I was going to blog about this movie a few days ago. But didn't. I too wasn't a fan, but after the movie, would love to check out some of her recipes. Along with that, could relate in some ways to Julie!