Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday Visit to Chucky Cheese

We haven't been to Chucky Cheese for
a while now. So I thought that a visit 
there would be good for the younger ones
since the older siblings are still having fun
in Hawaii, Laie of course. 

They've been down that they couldn't go
to another Lowes Build and Grow class, 
and everyone is still out there on their little
vacays. Except for Ami. He's been busy
at football camps for college. I hope he 
gets lucky because he really deserves it. 

He still lives with my first cousin Eddie
and wife, Lily. Eddie's a football coach 
at the high school in Lehi. So he thought 
it would be better to just let Ami stay 
with him so could try to get him trained
and ready for college football. 

Anyways, moving on to fun and games
at Chuck E Cheese! So as soon as we 
got in these two went nuts and were 
pulling me all over. Loni couldn't stay 
away from the bowling ball  and
the basketball hoop games. Nesi liked
riding on the merry go round, if that's 
what you call it. and playing the bumble
bee game where you catch the bees and
put them back in the beehive. 

All in all, it was a perfect day of fun, 
laughter and games that ended with 
a trip to Wal-mart for some new packs 
of socks and undies for the kids and 
then home to hit the sack and get 
ready for Sunday. How did your weekend

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