Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A reminder from Sunday

On Sunday, we each received a Preparedness Newsletter
before going into Sacrament Meeting. I was so thankful for
receiving this because it's been on my mind lately. Being 
prepared for the worst..with 5 kids you have to be have all
supplies ready if any winter weather storms hit. So far, I have
a long way to go on getting everything in order. 

The forms were Reprinted from American Red Cross pamphlet
"Before Disaster Strikes."

You should be ready for winter weather by November 1st. 
- check home and car emergency supplies. 
- review family backup plans for cooking, heating and lighting.
Choose safe alternate sources (flashlights or electrically power
ed lanterns. NOT candles or gas lanterns!).
- If you have a fireplace or wood stove,stock up on seasonal 
wood and have your chimney or stovepipe checked & cleaned
by a professional. 
- insulate water pipes with fiberglass or foam insulation. 
- Winterize your cars- check and adjust or replace antifreeze
before November 1st. 

Take simple precautions to stay warm safely, if you do lose 
-Save Body Heat: Wear a hat,even while sleeping. Wear
loose layers of clothing to trap body heat. Keep moving, 
exercise generates body heat. Use plenty of blankets and a
hot water bottle if you're able to heat water. 

After reading this, I plan on heading out to the dollar store
to see if they have the gloves for a $1 and some beanies. 
at least I could start with that for the kids. I think I'm going
to ask for a gas lantern for Last year, I 
noticed that Fred Meyer's had the gloves on sale at 10 for
$10. Hope they have it again this year. 

-Be Alert for signs of hypothermia ( a drop in core body
temperature) especially in infants and elderly. Even air temps
of 65 degrees F can trigger hypothermia, and some medical
conditions can make people more susceptible. If someone 
has a body temperature below 95 degrees, call for medical 
help. Check on elderly neighbors,too. 

-Lock in Home Heat Pick one room on the sunny side of the 
house and close it off to keep the heat in. Insulate windows and

A good friend called me last night and informed that she
has enrolled her daughter in Girl Scouts. I think that is 
wonderful. I don't know if the older girls want to join, but
I'd like to check it out and see if my 5 yo can join too. 
My older son is working towards Eagle Scout so I think
he'll be good. My 7 yo son will be joining soon. 

I just want the kids educated enough to know if the worst
happens and we all aren't together, they'll know what to do
if they're on their own. Heaven forbid anything like that will
happen. (I'm talking about earthquakes, something like that)
I think watching 2012 and other movies like that has got me


yonca said...

Thanks for the tips! I was too excited to watch 2012 and after we saw it, I couldn't get it off my mind for a while.
Have a great weekend!

Natalie A. said...

Thank you for the reminder of this! We always think about doing this and wanting to! We need to make the time and do it! Thanks for the reminder!!!