Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Past Week's Events

The last week was hectic, busy and fun. We had a family wedding,
visits to the duck pond, etc. Remember my little sister that got engaged
last year? Well they broke it off after and now they decided they were
going to tie the knot. She's the baby of the family, yet not the last one
to commit. I just wanted to share a couple of photos from their wedding.

They decided to tie the know under a gazebo at Laguna Beach, Ca.
I unfortunately couldn't attend, since I was broke. Long story..lol.
Some of our siblings attended. Others couldn't. We all wished our
little sister well and the best for her.

Mom, Siva & Siva's mil Setaita Mataele
pic. by capturebykt.com 
(picture taken by Siva's sil, Krystal Tukuafu)

Love Siva's dress, it was made last minute by 
Ray's cousin in the picture below. 

Siva's sil Krystal Tukuafu made her beautiful bouquet 
and took the fabulous pictures. Check her out at 

The girls and The Party Rockers

Bishop Muli Kinikini, his wife Latu and children

Tia, nephew Sione and cousin Vil Nau

Eating out after the wedding...

Krystal and sister Meliani setting up the cakes last 
minute from Costco. Thank goodness.

one of our favorite pics. by Krystal at 

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