Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Latest Updates

Visits to the duck pond 

It's been a while since I've been on here to update my page. 
So far, I've finally gotten a job received my first pay check 
last Thursday, paid my tithing on Sunday and took the kids 
out to the drive-ins to watch Rise of the Planet of The Apes
movie and Cowboys and Aliens. We got to the movies late
Saturday night and caught the last of Cowboys and Aliens,
and the Planet of The Apes on time. 

I also went coupon shopping with my mom on Saturday 
night before I went with the kids, so it was really great 
spending some quality time with her talking and stuff. 

Nesi feeding the ducks, we even saw a peacock on 
the other side walking around. 

 I was tagged on Facebook last week through our 
Olympus High Class Page 90-91. We had our 20 year class reunion this 
past weekend at the hotel and get togethers during the week I guess. I 
couldn't go due to work. Good to see most of my classmates pictures 
of them and their families. 

The week before we made a care package for Elder Moeaki [above] 
he's serving here in Utah and my daughter was super excited  to 
bump in to him at the park with him and his companion. Happy day 
for her. 

Here's our latest trips from the last month or so. Our last haul from 
Saturday night 8/13/11 will be posted tonight after work with the 

So many things to say yet not enough time. I've got to get ready for 
work. So I guess I'll catch up with you guys later tonight after work.

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Alicia said...

Man..I really need to learn how to do extreme couponing!!!!

I've missed visiting your blog!!!!