Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week Full of Busy Preparations...

Lets say the past two weeks, I've been worrying about the headlines
I've been seeing online and the news about what's going on around
the world regarding the droughts, articles about the collapse of the
financial system coming ahead as soon as this month or September.
yikes! etc...

It's got to the point where I'm using every dollar I get in my hand
to purchase canned food, meats, veggies..whatever I can find to
stockpile our cupboards. I'm still short in the first aid kit department
but slowly getting there. Hubby thinks I'm crazy and says that I
worry too much. I tell him to watch the news with me and he really
doesn't get it. So the week before Cash and Carry had a great deal
on the tomatoes 25 lbs for $13 and 50 lbs of white or yellow onions
went for $8 and change..I bought those and the strawberries to
bring home and make some jam and freeze all the onions and toma
toes, by cutting, dicing, slicing them into ziplock bags and freezing
them. Next up I'm ready to learn how to can or pressure cook the

Hubby and I have worked up enough money to pay the rent for
3 months. So that should give us leeway to keep adding to our

my little helpers, Nesi and Loni helping me peel the onions. Loni
was too shy to be on camera.

I got rushed and accidentally added the sugar before the pectin and
now I have a runny jam. Not so happy with that one. Did finish the
whole bag of onions and glad that we let them sit in a bowl of cold
water to avoid getting tears while we're cutting them.

So making a wreath yesterday wasn't part of preparation. I saw the
tutorial on how to make it and had all the items already in my house to
make it and so proud of myself that I finally made a wreath that I
actually like and want to hang up. It took up 1 18 inch. straw wreath,
200 floral pins and corn husks to make this awesome wreath. It was
really messy too..

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