Friday, September 21, 2012

Ami's First Letter from His Mission!

Ami getting ready to go into the MTC.

My mom called me last night to let me know that Ami has
finally written them back through, Meliani. He says that
he is doing great and they're living in a barn. Not sure if
that was a joke or not. Maybe it slow here.
Anyways, he was so excited to say that he and his comp
anion are doing great and have already baptized their first
family and are still working on the eldest son.

If you don't remember where he was heading, he's serv
ing in Fort Worth, Texas Mission. I wrote him through and didn't hear back from him and
then found out that the day I wrote him was the day that
he left the Provo MTC to head out to Ft. Worth.

So glad to hear that he's doing well and hopefully not really
living in a barn. Hope it's a nice one if he is. I just put the
youngest ones to bed after we had read scriptures and a
family prayer. Now to go and pack up his boxes to send
out in the morning. Just seeing his letter made my day.

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