Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Blessing For Our Family

photo credit: greeting card

Last Thursday 11/29/12 on Nesi and Mom's birthday our family
got another surprise and wonderful news. I'm expecting! I was
scheduled to go in for my colposcopy Friday morning at 11:45
when I decided to run to the store Thursday night to get me a
pregnancy test. After the swollen feet on thanksgiving night and
bouts of nausea after smelling certain foods, I was certain that
I was pregnant. But wasn't sure, since it's been like 8 years or
so. After seeing the double lines on the stick, I knew I had to
make a call asap in the morning to let them know that the test
came back positive.

The day before I was on the phone with them and they asked
if I've already had my period, so it wouldn't interfere with the
surgical procedure and I told them that I hadn't had my period
and was still waiting. So they asked my when I last had it and
told me to get tested before coming in or I could go in and they
could do a test on me. So I decided against the latter, since I
was too eager to find out.

Dh is so excited that he was just walking around the house
singing and smiling! I was feeling happy and scared at the same
time. Thankful for the blessings, but totally not loving the morning
sickness deal. Most of this weekend, I've just stayed in bed with
closed doors, not able to handle the smell of my husband's
cooking in the kitchen. When I called mom to say happy birthday
to her, I also told her of the news and she was surprised and
asked me, "How long has it been since the last one?" Not sure
if she was happy for me, I said, "I know it's been a while and I
thought I was done as well." She told me that Heavenly Father
has more planned for me and to just pray about it. I'm one year
away from turning 40 and it's still a surprise to me, when I wake
up in the morning and thinking about it.

The kids are excited and arguing whether it's going to be a girl
or a boy. Loni says that it should be another boy to make it even.
3 boys and 3 said she's thankful for whatever He
blesses us with, she just wants a baby sibling to feed, change,
play and talk with.


Hungrigyrl said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting. :)

Maopa Lutui said...

Thanks! It's a surprise and blessing:) Happy Monday!

Kepa Faleta said...

Awww Maopa!! I'm so late but congratulations!! When are you due?? And have you found out if its a boy or girl?? A surprise blessing is very special!! Ofa atu!!

Maopa Lutui said...

Thanks, Kepa! I'm due on July 11th and no we haven't found out yet. Should be seeing the doctor pretty ofas:)