Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving and Nesi's Birthday

Photo: Sisters spending quality time together for Thanksgiving.

Thursday- Thanksgiving 11/22
This thanksgiving turned out to be different. We had a full house 
but not for thanksgiving but for a funeral here in town, a friend 
of my husband's family. My girls flew down from Salt Lake to 
spend some quality time with us and we ended up cooking 11 
hours straight until 9:50 pm for this funeral to feed about 200+
people for that day. By the time 10pm hit my feet were so
swollen, I told my hubby that I'm done and going to put my feet up.

My hubby asked if we could cook that day with his sister, but 
she was arriving late from my girls and I did most of
the cooking. I felt bad for the girls because we hadn't had a chance
to sit down and spend some time together and they were hungry 
from their flight. So I told my hubby he'd better compensate the 
girls, since they came down to spend time with me, not cook for 
a funeral they were not going to. So he agreed. 

Dh's sister, brother and two other friends of the family flew in for
this funeral. So the house was pretty packed and we only have 3 
bedrooms. I slept with all the children in our bedroom and dh 
camped out in the living room with his two friends. His brother 
took Loni's room and his sister took Nesi's room. So it all worked

Friday- Celebrating Nesi's birthday 11/23

Nesi's 8th birthday was coming up on the 29th, same day with 
my mom and so I decided that we were going to celebrate it 
the next day since everyone was here. Nesi was not only excited 
but was thankful that her sisters were here to be with her. 

Dh's sister offered to buy the birthday cake from Costco since 
we were still feeling the effects of cooking the day before and I 
had to run to work. By the time we were singing happy birthday 
later that night, my phone was no where to be found and I ended 
up not having any pictures for Nesi's birthday. But her sisters did
take some and posted them here on Instagram.

Happy 64th birthday mom!! Love you!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one!


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yonca said...

Hı Maopa, so sorry for your loss. Since i started to work i am not a good friend, aren't i? I got a chance today to visit some blogs I like, like yours. Happy late birthday to Nesi! xx