Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet The Newest Addition To Our Family..Baby Mel Elijah Jr.

We're so in love with our new addition to the family, baby Meleki Elijah.
He keeps me so busy lately these days that I don't have time for anything
else. So I cherish the time we have with him. It's been almost 3 months
since he arrived and the children love him to bits as well as Meleki Sr.
as seen here in this pic. (above) He is always cooing now and smiling at
the older children. I do have to remind them now and then to please let
the baby get his rest.
Sorry the quality of the pic. isin't great. My 8 yr dd took it with her flip
phone after our family prayer. Well, I have to cut my post short as my
dear baby has awaken. Hope you'll all have a great weekend.

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