Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st post: an evening relaxing alone...

I've gotten the two little ones to bed and my dh is spending
some bonding time with his buddies drinking kava. If you don't
know what it's a ceremonial drink they consume in the
polynesian islands. I wanted a separate page away from the
couponing and stuff..just to get all my thoughts onto..

For the last couple of weeks I've been looking for a way
to make money on my own. Money that I can put away
for the kids, go coupon shopping with and money for a
rainy day. something that my dh won't be able to touch
and spend like here's a couple of ideas I came
up with...

  • I can do make overs with all the great quality makeup I've accumulated through coupon shopping. for instance, I can offer my services to bridal parties, or hold my own makeovers here at home for a small fee per person. I've been watching Blush on Lifetime Network and have been thinking of it. I had ended up with so much Max Factor Makeup from the Kmart BOGO free deal (back in Oct. 2008 or Nov.)on Max Factor Makeup and couldn't help but think this would be a great way to make use of all that make up that I stockpiled on.
  • Start making assorted cakes, baby diaper cakes, wreaths, etc with all the baby items that I've accumulated from coupon deals and start selling them. My mind is reeling from all these ideas flooding my mind and I think this is the one I'm really excited about. I just want to test it out and see how creative I can get with this. I'll start on that tomorrow morning and post up pics. on it..and the one on makeovers too..

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