Monday, December 29, 2008

Last two days.....

Ok. so I am finally able to sit down and catch up
on what's been happening for the last two days.
So yesterday was the last Sunday of the year. We
woke up late and finally got to church an hour and
half late..just wanted to make it in since we're
going to have an interview with our bishop for our
tithing settlement from 07/08 -12/08..the records
from 01/08 til 07/08 is with another ward.
So I found out in our Young Women meeting that
we're going to have our youth dinner on the
second thursday of January.
Met up with a my friend, Sivea from our Mixxed
Plate group 2 years ago and we chatted it up
about couponing. Other than that we did
see the bishop and got our family blessing.
It was wonderful, since this is our first tithing
settlement that we've ever attended as a family:)

I ended up staying up til 4 am this morning
checking my emails and researching how
to create diaper baby cakes and wreaths..not
sure how it's going to turn out..I was on fellow
mom blogger Renee's page, Cutie booty Cakes
blog & website. Boy was I  blown
away by her beautiful work and thought 
maybe I could just 
try out one cake and wreath..this is just a
spare time thing..but my first priority will
still be the dc, specialty painting & faux
finishing..I guess it's something to do
while the market is still down.. I am seriously
thinking about going forward with this idea
to make some extra cash from it. I luv it
and think I'll have a blast doing it. So I
checked out all kinds of how to videos on and saw some pretty awesome
cakes..couldn't keep my eyes open anymore
so I turned in by 4 am. to get some
zzzz's for the next couple of hours.

Back up at 9 am..ready for another day.
So Sivea called, we chatted and agreed to
head up to the mall at 4 for some girl time and
let the kids release their wiggles at the
play center while we chat it up over
couponing and other entrepreneurial
options. So I am cleaning house
doing my laundry and sorting out my
expired coupons that need to be
trashed. The mall was fun, afterwards
we head on over to
McDonalds to feed the little ones and
brainstorm some more over our new
ideas..I'm excited and feel even more
motivated about making that extra
dough and welcoming the new year and
all that it has to offer us...
So I'm back at home with the kids and
got them to bed at 8:50 so I could
return to blogging, brainstorming and
spending some alone time w/

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