Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Modern Mom Challenge

I've joined Modern Mom Challenge and am so
excited to finally start shedding this weight.
I unfortunately climbed up to 296 pounds
by the time October rolled around this year.
Since then I have been slowly trying to get
back down. I currently weigh in at 281 right
now. My ultimate goal weight is 180.
I am not in any Weight Watchers or Jenny
Craig programs right now. So I have just
cut my portions and eat in small plates,
drinking alot of water & China Slim Tea
1 bag per cup after every meal . I've
been asking my husband after dinner
to watch the kids in the evening while I
go walk about 2 - 4 blocks. I've had to
start sleeping in my walking clothes
and have my walking shoes next to the
bed so I have no excuse to not get up
early at 5 to go walking..lol..


The Finau Family said...

I'm with ya on the loose weight thing. I'm starting also.. I totally look horrible, so I'm going to finally take some ME time and fix it. Make myself healthier and happier.. Hey if we take care of ourselves first the rest of the day will go by GREAT..
Love the blog..

Puanani503 said...

Thanks Loyann:) Join us on
Modern Mom Challenge also
I love being with other
mothers and be able to
relate to them about
everything!!Check it out
Our CS group is awesome too!:)
You know Loyann, when we're
happy the rest of the family
will be happy also..lol..
Happy New Years,cuzzo:)