Wednesday, July 8, 2009

YW Fundraiser

Yesterday was a fun day for my children & I.
Our young women held a fundraiser yesterday
to raise over $900 to get 9 girls into
YW Rough Out Camp for next week.

We started out at 11 am and didn't finish
until 7pm last night. It was fun and the
girls enjoyed it. we baked over 30 trays
of sweet rolls baked in sweetened coconut
milk at $15 a pan and a large ziplock bag
of Round Cakes made of yeast..they were
our best selling items!

we ended with $380 in cash and a total
of $590 in sales. So far, so good. we're
going to finish up tomorrow by holding
a car wash at the church and selling more
round cakes at $10 a bag. I'll post up more
pics. in a bit.

The girls were taking a break and enjoying
the treats from our young women president's
stockpile in these pics.!

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