Thursday, February 24, 2011

School's Out Due To Snow Today....

So on Tuesday my neighbor upstairs told me that there is a snow storm
coming in on Wednesday through Saturday. We finally got our refund 
and decide to go hit the clearance sections at Target, Old Navy and TJ
Maxx for the kids and ended up coming home with a boat load of 
winter clothing for them. Most of them were 70% off! Gloves were .44c
each at Fred Meyer. Thank goodness we did all that yesterday and 
now the kids can keep warm outside today. They were in need of new
winter clothes and I'm so glad that I finally got that part taken care of. 

It doesn't really show..but the snow is still falling in this picture.

The kids woke up early this morning when they heard me watching
the news and the announcement of school closures. After that, no one
wanted to go back to bed. The kids headed straight for the Wii and 
wanted to start up on the new Wii Zumba Workout we got on Friday.

Now that's a whole other post!

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