Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Favorite Hobby....Sewing

Yes, my friends..ever since I became a seamstress 
at Beehive Clothing. I walked away wanting to sew
more. So I bought myself a new machine. After 
paying bills, I decided to go with something afford
able and that wasn't going to break down on me. 

I've only had experience on the commercial power
machines and figure the home machines should be
a cinch. So I got on to bought a few 
courses on sewing dresses, couture techniques,
hand tailoring and more. I'm telling you, it's addicting! 
first one class, then another one! I'm also addicted to
Pinterest and all the lovely DIY, Cooking and Sewing
ideas found on there.

So far I've sewn a plaid scarf (from a pillowcase) off 
a tutorial I found on Pinterest. Now I'm waiting for a 
Vogue pattern arriving any day now for the Couture 
Dress tutorial I signed up for on Craftsy! So excited
about my new hobby, I stocked up on items I might
need for upcoming projects at Walmart this morning.
So I wouldn't have to run to the store for a while.

Here's what I've found fun to make so far from 
Pinterest. I'll update you later on how I did with the
Couture Dress Tutorial and the Starlet Suit Jacket 
Tutorial. Want to check out a free tutorial? They 
have one on how to make Dipped, Dusted & Rolled
Handmade Chocolates. I love that one!

The tutorial is here at Vermillion Rules

My version of The T-Shirt Ruffle Scarf! 
(took me a minute or two to make it!)

My trusty Janome machine. I'm wanting the
Threadbanger machine, but that one sold out
on, so this one will do for now:)

new sewing tools, most of them were .97c ea.
at Walmart.

What are your favorite hobbies?


Kepa Faleta said...

How awesome is that :) I love your new favorite hobby! I wish I can do that, hehehe, I would see these cute little girls skirts that people sew and put up photos of them on their facebook looks so hard to do, that's just me, hehehe! You're doing a great job, Maopa! Ofas to ya! :)

Maopa Lutui said...

Hi Kepa! Ofas to you too:):) One of these days you should join me and Yolanda so we could do some sewing together. We're planning on getting together again next week. Hope that works for you:):) let me know, k? ofas:)