Saturday, March 3, 2012

Handing Out Mother's Cookies at Work

Yesterday was a great day at work. My second day and what's
more fun than getting paid to hand out cookies and coupons?
I had so many women taking a sample and leaving the coupon
saying that they'd eat the whole bag if they bought it. Others
just beamed as soon as they saw the Circus Animal cookies
and said that it reminded them of their childhood. I had to take
a picture of it and forward it to my supervisors. Hope they ok
it. I sold out of cookies by my 4:10 pm. and then got my paper
work signed by the manager, cleaned up and then headed home.

Today's going to be even better! I'm going to be passing out
Oreo cookies, Oreo 100th birthday party hats and $1/1 coupons.
I'll be asking shoppers to sample a free Oreo and have a Oreo
licking contest where winners will win a free Oreo 100th Birthday
Sticker. I love my part-time job!

I'll update you later on a picture and what happened. Other than
that I'm going to turn in for an hour then get up to wake the kids
for school. oops, forgot it's Saturday today.. Happy Saturday!

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Kepa Faleta said...

Awww love this post about your new job, how fun! Congrats again, Maopa! :) Those cookies look so yummy!