Saturday, March 3, 2012

Downton Abbey...My New Favorite TV Show

I recently did a book review of The Maid of Fairbourne
Hall by Julie Klassen and learned about the way things are
run in a Hall in England. I've been fascinated ever since
that book review and then came upon Downton Abbey on
PBS channel last month. I then found out that the Season 1 
of Downton Abbey was also on Netflix as well. I can 
tell you that on Tuesday we watched all of it in one sitting
while packing all our 72 hour backpacks for emergencies.
(I figure if we're going to watch this we might as well be 
doing something useful at the same time..)

Yes, it's that good and soo addicting. I love the characters 
and can't wait to see Season 2. The costumes are exquisite
and I just can't get enough. The girls love to watch for 
the fashion. I just like that it's somthing different from
what's on tv every night.

Which is another reason I want to get my sewing on!
I've been searching for all types of Edwardian patterns
that I can get my hands on. My favorite is the Gibson
Girl blouse top pattern that can be found on

The Cast of Downton Abbey..

The Crawley Sisters of Downton Abbey in Vogue
Click here for the article.

The Crawley Sisters & their mother. 

Thank goodness it's Sunday tomorrow. I always find myself 
counting down the days until Masterpiece Theatre comes on. 


Kepa Faleta said...

Oh my gosh, we LOVE NETFLIX too, just got it a couple of months more runs to the Redbox and the worries of forgetting and being charged with late fees, ugh! I gotta' check out this new tv show, Downtown Abbey, never heard of it...but then again I'm just not knowing a lot of shows now, LOL! Thanks Maopa! Love how you guys put your 72 hour kits together at the same time, always looking forward to your posts! Always inspires me, ofa atu! Hope to see you this Sunday, I heard it's Stake Conference Sunday? TTyL! :)

Maopa Lutui said...

Hey Kepa! We totally love Netflix :) I just saw Great Expectations with Nesi straight through on opb and love it!! Check the episodes out here at this link!