Thursday, April 19, 2012

Check List

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6 am to the alarm
on his cell phone going off, reminding me to arise
and get the kids bathed and ready for school. As I
was sitting up my lower back was aching from extra
weight gained since my return back home.

After seeing the kids get on the bus, I decided to do
something about it, but before that I would get the
house cleaned up and my last two loads of laundry
done before leaving the house.

I was behind in going to the temple for a session,
and was planning to go with Yolanda to the temple
but leave by 9 am. Yolanda texted the night before
to see if we could leave by 11 am since her kids
will be having a late start for school. I said, sure
not knowing that I would find out in the morning
that 11 am wouldn't work for me either as my
children will be getting out of school early at 1 pm.
and sessions are for 2 hours. So that wouldn't
work for me. So it'll be initiatories for me then,
I'll still be able to make it in and help in some way.

After returning from the temple, I decided to put
in the Zumba disc and play it on the Wii. It's been
a while and I need to get some exercise in for today,
I've been slowly watching my arms and derriere get
bigger and decided I need to get back to where I
need to be, a size 10. (I haven't been that size since
my second child, which was 17 years ago.) I did a
full hour workout going through three levels :) by
the time the kids walked in through the door from
school I was on the last part of my cool down
session. They cheered me on and said, "Burn that
fat, mom!" I was too sweaty to give them a hug,
so they got a smile and thank you instead. 

Those were my two biggest things that needed
to get checked off on my to do list. I'll be back
to doing Zumba today again after a good hour
of walking.

What's on your Check Off List today?


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