Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning to Quilt

Yesterday morning, Yolanda and I decided to get together
to learn how to quilt on our own. We wanted to do some
thing like Hawaiian Quilts, but more on the side of how
the Tongan ladies do it with a more simpler design. She
called me up to meet her at a cheap fabric store with beau
tiful fabrics for less.

I'm pretty excited by all the fabric I see in this place and
for an affordable price. I can definitely see myself coming
here very often! I've never made a quilt before and figured
we'd need batting and all the necessary stuff you'd need
to make a quilt. Yolanda brought one for us to go off of
and it seems pretty easy to make.

We purchased 2 yards of this white quilted fabric and 2 yards
 of velvet fabric (to be cut out with designs) in two different
colors, emerald green and mustard yellow. I'm sure it'll
look nice. We decided to do the sewing at my place. Well
when we got to my place we laid out the quilt and looked
at the pattern and decided that we needed bigger tracing
paper to copy the pattern on the quilt. An hour or two later
and a trip back from Wal-Mart, we have a paper ready to
go, taped and copied. By the time we're done cutting the
entire pattern, it's already time for Yolanda to hurry home
to pick up her kids from school.

I'm really liking this whole quilting thing, it's pretty relaxing
and I'm already thinking up my own patterns for baby
Hawaiian Quilts. I just want to start small. Right now,
I'm drawing up my own before I head out to work today.

Have a great weekend, happy Friday!


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Anonymous said...

Hi wow I've always wanted to quilt like this could you please post up some more I have no idea how to get started