Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Monday

Today we got the girls out to the
Young Women's Rough Camp. Pretty busy morning
with lots of running around to do. But, I
finally got it done and dying to get out
of the heat and get home and relax by the
air conditioner.

The girls are camping out there for a week.
My 12 yr. old, Hinalei was supposed to fly
back in from Salt lake last night but ended
up not making the flight and again missed
her morning flight today. So she didn't make
it to the camp, only Nataliana did.

Got home and started baking chocolate chip
cookies for the little ones and making
pani popo ( homemade rolls baked in coconut
milk mixed with sweetened condensed milk)
for the rest of the family to snack on later.

I did make a stop off at Office Max and took
advantage of their cheap Back to School
Deals for this week. Got the Erasers for .25c
ea. The crayons are 1 cent ea. limit 3.

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