Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodwill Finds:)

I was able to hit up Goodwill
yesterday with dh. Finally! I've been
itching to go and check out what I can
pick up and fix up to match my living
room decor and the rest of the apartment.

So far, I was able to grab this lamp
for $7.99 and the lamp shade was $6.99
still new in it's wrapper.

A couple of games for the kids, $1.99
each! I'm trying to steer them away
from spending too much time in front
of the tv and the computer. So far,
so good. They went crazy when we
arrived with these. So, that should
keep us busy while dh is in the islands
with his mama.

I love this glass canister. don't remember
how much this was. I'm going to put that
in the girl's bathroom and fill it with
Q-tips or something.

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