Saturday, August 29, 2009

MPuanani's First Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday, my friends!  I found out about 
"Pink Saturday" at How Sweet The Sound, from 
Decor Mamma. If you'd like to join in go to Beverly's
page to sign up for her challenge and add your link.

The Challenge is this: 
Visit one blog you have never visited before.
Then next Saturday, include that blog 
and a link in your post. It's another great
way to introduce a new blog to your followers!

Now I don't have pink items in my home, even
though I like the color. But I did google a few 
of them to add to my Pink Saturday List. 

This is, Isabella's Cottage pic. 
Now I've never seen a real pink cottage in my life,
ever! But hands down this is a cute one my 4 yr. old
daughter would probably never want to

This pink croc sony vaio laptop is adorable. Wouldn't mind owning one 
of these. 

How about this pink room that was previously used as a Reception Hall 
for Prince Sukhumbhan of Thailand's guests in The Bangkhunprom Palace. 

A pink Bentley? sure.. I wouldn't mind driving one like Paris 
Hilton's for a day. 

Hope you enjoy your "Pink Saturday" and come back to visit soon! 

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the mama hood said...

Cute post and cool pink finds!