Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Hubby's 40th Birthday

Image: by Aimee Needham (Derbyshire, England)

I woke up this morning at 6am and said
Happy Birthday to dh as he too was getting
up to get ready for work. (He's just turned
40 years old)I'd like a cake like one above
but, will stick with simple today.(below)

He usually doesn't like to eat breakfast
at home, because he's always in a rush. But
I thought he'd like to eat pancakes and
scrambled eggs for breakfast before he heads

So do I have anything planned today? Well
kinda, he's not really big on big birthdays
so I'm planning on just baking his favorite
cake- Chocolate with Whipped Cream on top.
none of the sugary icing..with his fave
ice cream.

He wants it simple since he's spending most
of the money to get his stuff to travel
to Tonga next week with his mom.
We were busy running around yesterday to get
a cooler to pack all the candy in there for
the kids in his village and haircare products
for his relatives.

I'm trying to figure what I'm going to buy
him with 20 freaking bucks..(that's leftover
after our shopping and gas for the car
yesterday) I was eyeing this really nice tie
that was already boxed at Costco yesterday..
for $9.99 and then the kids and I could just
sign a card.

He's already got a alot of nice stuff
so I figured that's as far as my budget would
take me..

Ok, so after haggling with the kids at Walmart
we ended up getting him a birthday card and
a 2 in 1 Axe Shampoo & Conditioner w/ an
Axe Styling puddy included. While the kids
fought over getting a Harry Potter & Twilight
Poster for their rooms..(should've gone alone
on this trip)..lol.

(my 15 yr. old daughter's pick)

(my 6 yr. old son's pick)

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