Friday, November 20, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things....

It's amazing what new things my little ones
are saying now a days. As you know, a
couple of weeks ago..we went in to see
the dentist and ended up taking out Loni's
baby molars[2] of them..Nesi stood there
and didn't even cry when they were
pulling out his teeth and the dentist was
shocked saying that these two were
different from his other little patients..I don't know..these two are
die hards..

so this evening at home we're getting
ready to retire for the evening when
I hear the 4 year old [Nesi] saying to
Loni [the 6 yr. old].

Nesi: did you put your teeth under
the pillow?

Loni: yes, leave me alone. I need to
sleep so the tooth fairy can bring me
a dollar for my tooth.

Nesi: The tooth fairy will only come
and take your good teeth. If your
teeth stink and don't look good she
will not take it and you'll have no $.

I started laughing so hard from the
hallway and heard Loni asking her
how does she know his teeth stinks
and she said that she smelled it
already.. geez..these kids are too
much sometimes.


yonca said...

Hahaha..."no dollar for stinky teeths" love it! They are amazing!

Puanani503 said...

kids are funny