Monday, November 23, 2009

Still in SLC

We left Portland on Friday for Salt Lake City
to attend my little sister's baby shower and
were supposed to return back yesterday.
So we're still here because we came on standby
tickets and the flights were all full yesterday
going back to PDX- Oregon.

Saturday- had fun cooking and prepping for
my sister's baby shower. Overall it was fun
and all her friends and family showed up.
She was pretty excited with how it turned
out and seeing everyone again. I think she's
pretty much set for a good 2 years with all
the gifts she received. After the shower,my
sisters, Mele and my older daughters went
to watch New Moon- yes, it was fun..

Sunday - Woke up feeling under the
weather but, had to go to church with my
parents and the kids. Couldn't hang in so
I came back and rested up.

I spent time with my eldest son, Ami
before we took him back up to Lehi.
He lives with my 1st cousin, Eddie &
his wife Lilly. Eddie has been a great
father figure to Ami and has been
helping him out with school and football.

We hugged and I thanked Lilly for
letting him stay with them and we
talked for a little bit. It's really hard
for me to walk away and see my son
stay with others but I my parents
said he has a good chance of getting
a better life and education by staying
with Eddie and away from his past
friends that he had.

My sisters came over to my parents
house and suggested we all go watch
New Moon again since we didn't go
with my little sister who had the baby
shower. We caught the 10:45 pm  one
and  had fun watching it all over again.
We all cried in the end when she told
Jacob that it was Edward all along...
looking forward to watching Eclipse..

Monday- Getting our things packed
and ready to head back home to
Portland. Called L's school to excuse
him since we couldn't make it home
on time for school. Spent time with
Tia talking this morning before she
went to school with Hinalei.

Nesi turns 5 this month on the 30th
and so we're celebrating her bday
here with my mom since they're both
on the same day & month. I'm going
to bake a marble cake and put up
the decorations while they're all gone
to work and school. So yeah, that's
pretty much my trip for the past
couple of days...hope your weekend
was wonderful as well.. Happy

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Alicia said...

It sounds like you had awesome family time! It's nice to be able to get away like that.

I want to see New Moon. Hopefully next week!