Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changes, Callings and Moving...

Lately I haven't had alot of time to blog. I did receive a new
calling in church. I am now the Primary Secretary and started
this past Sunday. It was enjoyable and I love being in there.
I'm learning alot with my new calling and trying to remember
faces and names. The presidency is a wonderful trio to work
with and I will miss them when we move next month. It'll be
kinda far, so that means we won't be within their boundaries
to attend the ward. So we will have to find another one soon.

Why are we moving? Trying to find something more affordable
than where we're at right now. We're currently paying $940
a month for rent (2 bd,2 bth), but recently we've been late due
to payment schedules from different clients and have been
paying $1,300 or more a month in just late fees and court costs.

The kids aren't looking forward to moving to another school
but I know they'll adjust soon enough once we're settled in our
new place. I just filed our taxes so that amount should help us
get into a place quick enough. I love filing electronically online
because you get it pretty quick. We're getting our on the 4th
so I've already got all the utilities lined up to get paid before
the move.

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