Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family Movie Night

Last night the kids and I checked out like 10 movies from the library 
to watch through the weekend while we're cutting coupons. I noticed
Oklahoma and grabbed it. I remember seeing parts of it when I was
little and I wanted to see if the kids would stick through the movie 
with me. I love musicals and Oklahoma is one of my favorites. They
got to watch Sound of Music for the first time in December and love 
it. They can't get enough of Kurt and Maria. They continually ask to 
check that one out every time we visit the library. 

So I put in Oklahoma and automatically my 6 yo is enjoying the 
songs and getting in to the movie and tells me that she likes the way
the girls dress, but would never want to wear knickers, because 
their these kids sometimes give me a good laugh. 

They liked The Surrey with The Fringe On Top. They didn't like Judd. 
My 7 yo felt sorry for Judd and told everyone else to stop hating on him.
The girls were singing along to these tunes. Love it!!

How is your weekend coming along?

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