Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monetizing Your Blog II with MyLikes

If you haven't been to MyLikes, stop by their page and 
check it out. I'm glad that Dear Crissy brought it up on 
her page and I've been gung ho about it ever since. Yes,
I'm trying to earn extra $$ on the side with the blogs & 
such, so I was pretty excited to see that my balance went
up from .63c to $1.16...slowly but surely people. I hope
not too slow. I also found out that I'm getting my first 
ever google adsense check for $100.00 I can't believe
 it took me 2 years to earn that. I hope it'll get better in 
time. Do you have any advice on how you monetize your
blog? I'm still lost on LinkWorth and will look them over
again in the morning. It's getting late and I just can't keep
my eyes open anymore..Good night folks:)

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